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Field Scouting Guide: Eastern Black Nightshade

Shed some light on ways to prevent this pervasive plant from darkening your fields.

3 Studies on How Fertility Impacts Vegetable Production

These recently published studies shed light on how soil fertility affects yield, weed control, and soil matter.

4 Ways to Lower Herbicide, Pesticide Drift Risk

All sprays produce some drift — but paying attention to a few simple things can help keep your spray where it belongs.

A Little Kindness Has a Big Impact on Employees [Opinion]

Things like benefits, wages, and housing determine if a worker is willing to even consider working for you. But how they are treated once they sign on will determine if they will stick with you or not.

10 Tomato Varieties You Need to Check Out [Slideshow]

Compare these varieties’ disease resistances, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.

How “Bee Safe” Products Can Be Just the Opposite

Once bees bring sub-lethal chemicals back to the hive, a spiral effect can lead to colony death.

Pre-Season Vegetable Pest Forecast for 2018

Forecasting pests can be tricky. While conditions that favor or curb various insects or diseases can give plant […]

Take a Tour of Tanimura & Antle’s Employee Housing [Slideshow]

The Salinas Valley in California has a high demand for farm workers, but very few options for housing. Tanimura & Antle decided it needed to change that for its employees.

10 Eggplant Varieties You’ll Want in Your Crop Mix

From traditional dark-purple eggplants to more novel shapes and colors, these varieties are worth a closer look.

USDA Clarifies Ruling that Allows Non-Soil Organic Production

Hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic operations are currently included in the allowed methods of organic production, although aeroponic operations are being reviewed by USDA.

4 Keys to Effective Aphid Management in Leafy Vegetables

Because aphids have the potential to rapidly contaminate plants, preventing their establishment is critical for the production of quality crops.

Big and Creative Ideas to Hold on to Your Farm Workforce

Tanimura & Antle consistently comes up with smart ways to keep employees on board.

Top 10 Insights on the Vegetable Industry in 2018

The team at American Vegetable Grower keeps a close eye on how issues impact you. One way we do that is through our annual State of the Vegetable Industry Survey. This year, we’ve identified 10 key insights that you should know about.

The Top Trends in Vegetable Growing

The results of American Vegetable Grower magazine’s annual State of the Vegetable Industry Survey are in, and we’ve found some intriguing developments!

New Vegetable Introductions from Distributors in 2018

Take a look at some of the varieties that distributors are adding to their mix this year.

New Vegetable Varieties Coming Your Way

We asked vegetable breeders about which selections they are introducing to growers in 2018. Take a look at these unique options for your crop mix.

How to Trial Biocontrols on Your Farm

Grimmway Farms’ Kimberly Horton explains how you can apply good lab techniques to field-level testing and get the best results from your biologicals program.

Listen to Those You Disagree With [Opinion]

Invite a grower you disagree with to coffee or a drink. You’ll both find out you know less than you think. And that’s a great thing to realize. 

15 Watermelons You Should Check Out

Compare these varieties’ disease resistances, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.

Field Scouting Guide: Cucurbit Downy Mildew

Heed these tips to effectively identify, monitor, and manage this malady.