Carol Miller

15 Cole Crops in the Spotlight

Compare these varieties’ disease resistances, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.

Farmers Should Live Like They’re in a Drought, Even When They’re Not [Opinion]

Less water creates conflicts. The growers who can demonstrate they can conserve water and who build political relationships will be the most likely to succeed.

Potatoes and Tomatoes Are Still America’s Favorite Veggies

Americans still love potatoes and tomatoes best, USDA reports. Based on per capita consumption, the two vegetables lead […]

Field Scouting Guide: Whitefly

What you need to know to identify and control this pest insect.

What Farmers Can Do When Water Starts Running Out [with Infographic]

Growers in arid countries like Australia, Israel, and South Africa share what works for them.

Cut Melons at Center of New Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak

Unlike the recent fatal E. coli outbreak linked to Yuma, AZ-grown romaine, the CDC was able to link the outbreak to a source quickly and issue a recall.

A ‘Simple’ Congressional Mandate Complicates Trucking Shortage for Growers [Opinion]

A new regulation due to go into effect June 18 may exacerbate the trucking shortage that’s impacted growers this year. The National Potato Council is petitioning President Trump and the Department of Transportation for revisions and an extension.

Five Have Died from the E. coli Outbreak

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) announced four more people have died as a result of the Yuma, AZ-linked E. […]

3 New Crop Protection Products Enter the Vegetable Market

Three new crop protection produces have been approved for new markets or are being introduced: an herbicide; a fungicide; and a biological fungicide.

Study: Radish Cover Crop Biomass Doesn’t Share Nitrogen

While a radish cover crop does trap nitrogen in the fall, it does not supply nitrogen to subsequent crops, a study published in Agronomy Journal Abstract shows.

Wholesum Harvest Launches New Organic Ventures

After identifying opportunities within the organic market, Wholesum Harvest has created a new enterprises with partners in an effort to fill those voids.

Several Cool Stats on Farm Marketing [infographic]

Here are a few stats shared by 265 farm marketers when the answered American Vegetable Grower‘s 2018 State […]

USDA Offers Online Tools for New Growers

John Whitney offers a guide to USDA’s updated cool tools for all ages and offerings for those new to the ag scene.

What’s Going on with the Farm Bill?

After a surprise defeat in the House, the Farm Bill still has life in it. Here’s what you need to watch for (including a possible H-2C revival).

Advice to Attract More Young Growers to the Farm

One GenNext Grower says if the agriculture industry wants to lure more fresh faces, it will need to up its game.

We Can’t Afford Simplistic, Binary Thinking When It Comes to Food Production [Opinion]

Monsanto’s Global Vegetables R&D Lead calls for consumers to embrace the remarkable sustainable advances the growing industry has made, even when they’re happening on non-local, non-organic, large farms.

15 Great Cucumbers You’ll Want to Grow

Compare these varieties’ disease resistance, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.

We’re Looking for Opinionated Vegetable Growers, Researchers, and Suppliers

American Vegetable Grower is looking for growers, researchers, and suppliers who have ideas and viewpoints everyone should know about. We’re looking for a fresh take on known issues, as well as shining a light on previously ignored challenges.

Wholesum Harvest’s Take on USDA’s Organic Hydroponic Ruling

USDA’s ruling that hydroponic produce is eligible for organic labeling roiled the industry. One of the largest hydroponic growers in the U.S., however, is largely unfazed.

Vegetable Disease Management: Plants and Humans Aren’t That Different

Steven Koike says understanding how diseases spread is key to managing them. Here are several ways it happens among plants.