Carol Miller

Go East, Young Grower [Opinion]

When famed newspaper editor Horace Greeley quoted a lesser-known editor’s advice, “Go west, young man, and grow up […]

When Talking With Reporters, Farmers Should Choose Words Wisely

Rick Vanvranken says writing good press releases about crop performance can be savvy marketing; but think carefully about how you tell your story — good or bad.

Field Scouting Guide: Lygus Bug

Follow these tips on identifying and managing this pest with a tarnished reputation.

Popular American Vegetable Grower Columnist Named Lab Director at TriCal Diagnostics

Steven T. Koike is retiring from the University of California Cooperative Extension and will move to the private sector in January 2018.

Undermining NAFTA Is a Major Mistake

The trade agreement’s benefits for the industry far outweigh negatives.

How to Start a Vegetable Farm with a Big Grower Mentality

Stephen Basore returns to Michigan to relaunch the old family farm. But he’s bringing big-grower ideas and experience that most start-ups don’t have.

10 Onions You Should Know About

Want to add new onions to your production? Check out these 10 varieties!

Different Ways Vegetable Breeders Embrace Seed Diversity

Vegetable plant breeders have a lot of options when it comes to developing new varieties — disease resistance, […]

Two Plant Breeders Reflect on Building Disease Resistance into New Varieites

Smart breeders not only build in resistance to current diseases, they look at which diseases are on the […]

The Most Volatile Vegetable Crops for 2018

Four crops are in the top 10 on two opposing lists: The crops growers are adding in 2018, and the crops being dropped.

Syngenta Secures CRISPR Cas-9 License

Other companies also have secured licenses, but few have announced plans to use the gene editing technology on vegetables.

Vegetable Breeding for Timing Is only Part of the Picture

Early and late season varieties give growers flexibility and allow them to sequence crops so harvest crews have steady work over a longer period. But those varieties also need other traits like disease resistance and taste.

Taste Is Back on the Front Burner for Vegetable Breeders

In the pursuit for solving some of the biggest problems for growers, breeders have sometimes ignored flavor. Here are two breeders who have made taste a top priority.

Plant Breeding Is a Key Part of Precision Agriculture’s Future [Opinion]

One theme that stood out during the vegetable seed trials this past summer was how much breeders are keeping future automation in mind.

A Plant Breeder Explains How GE Techniques Differ from Non-GMO Breeding

Bejo Seeds Senior Tomato Breeder Doug Heath says modern plant breeding techniques give breeders the tools they need to solve growers’ challenges.

Study: Circadian Clock in Plants May Boost Water Efficiency

The Texas A&M team that won a 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine on circadian rhythm at a molecular level turn their attention to plants.

Plant Disease Research Can Learn a Lot from Medicine

Cancer research and plant disease control strategies are based on common principles.

Field Scouting Guide: Yellow Nutsedge

Follow these tips to identify and manage this wily weed.

Produce Industry Leaders Concerned About H-2C Amendments

It’s been a long time since significant immigration reform that will help American growers has passed Congress. The […]

Vegetable Breeders Making Major Disease Resistance Breakthroughs

VoloAgri’s Felix Serquen and Seminis’ Bill McCarthy have delivered major disease-resistance advancements, much to the relief of tomato and pepper growers everywhere.