Christina Herrick

Can Trade War Between U.S. and China Be Avoided?

Chinese government reportedly agrees to buy more U.S. energy and agricultural commodities, but joint statement released does not provide exact details.

Court Says Farmworkers to be Paid for More than Picking

Decision in Washington impacts $10 billion agricultural industry and more than 100,000 fieldworkers in the state.

Reports: U.S. Fruit Stalled for Days at Docks in China

Country now screening all fresh batches for disease and rot; imports waiting up to a week in quarantine.

There’s No Simple Solution for Ag Labor

The needs continue to grow while the pool from which to draw from continues to dwindle. All the while, fresh fruit needs to be picked.

What You Need to Know about Organic Grape Production

Taking a balanced ecosystem approach to vineyard production can give your organic orchards a leg up.

$80M Allocated for Agriculture Sustainability Projects

National Institute of Food and Agriculture seeks projects that will increase agricultural productivity, protect yield loses and reduce food-borne diseases.

How PGRs Rescue Berries After Spring Freeze

The use of gibberellic acid can help reduce loses from freeze damage.

New York Seeks to Boost Concord Grape Industry

Research, marketing seeks to help bolster grape’s production.

New York Governor Demands Immediate End to ICE Enforcement Actions

State officials say agents aggressive actions violate constitutional rights and have “left many farm families fearful and angry.”

New Finds of Spotted Lanternfly on Apple

Spotted lanternfly has been found in commercial apple orchards.

Washington State Wine Commission Seeks Your Input on Research

Grape growers in the state are encouraged to fill out a survey to help shape research program.

New Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Enemy Found in PNW Garden

Soil-nesting wasp could be natural enemy of brown marmorated stink bug.

California County Seeks State Disaster Declaration for Almond Freeze

Following string of cold temperatures, county’s almond orchards suffered up to 49% loss.

What H-2A Workers Want You to Know

While it’s easy to write about labor from your perspective, here are a couple of things H-2A workers would like you to know.

5 Things to do Before Entering the H-2A Program

The lack of labor can bite you when you least expect it, but planning ahead and avoiding some mistakes can help you transition more smoothly to the legal guest worker program.

Public Comments Sought in Invasive Species Plan

Draft of New York’s plan intends to minimize introduction, establishment, and spread of species throughout the state.

Apple Infection Risk High at Tight Cluster

Apple scab, powdery mildew can occur at this time, as rain is in the forecast.

Biopesticide and Fungicide Debuts at Biocontrols USA West

Botanical-based product provides knock-down control of insects, mites, powdery mildew, and botrytis.

Labor Shortage, Mechanization Among Research Funded by Washington Wine Industry

More than $1 million in industry-funded research will address vineyard and winery challenges by the Washington State Wine Commission.

New IPM Tool for Pennsylvania Fruit Growers

NEWA IPM Monitoring from Cornell now available for growers in the Keystone state this year.