Christina Herrick

EcoFarm Conference Slated for January

Organic apple production among workshop topics.

Don’t Overlook the Most Important Part of Fruit Breeding [Opinion]

The Greek philosopher Plato once said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” I was […]

Farmers on Alert as Spotted Lanternfly found in Third State

While insect believed to have arrived on interstate shipment, growers are encouraged to scout for eggs, signs of populations within New York.

New Pest Control Tool for Raspberry Growers

A team of Pacific Northwest researchers has developed a decision-aid tool to improve management of a most destructive pest.

The End of Farm Labor as We Know It [Opinion]

Start planning for a world where there won’t be just a shortage of laborers who helped make America’s tree fruit industry remarkable – there will be virtually zero.

Don’t Miss Our Live Coverage of Key Industry Events

Our editors will be patrolling both sides of the country next week at the Northwest Hort Expo, Great Lakes Expo, and Almond Conference.

Spotted Lanternfly Discovered in Delaware

A large survey to be conducted this winter to scout for populations possibly established or trying to establish in the state.

Program Uses Genetics to Bolster Grape Breeding

VitisGen2 project seeks to breed varieties with powdery mildew resistance that also meet marks for fruit and wine quality.

Apricot Research Aids Asian Export Market

Traditional fruit from region offers growers in southern Tajikistan a profitable opportunity — particularly when dried for export to foreign markets.

Could This Biological Control Help Save the Wine Industry?

After wreaking havoc on grapevines for 125 years, causing severe wine industry losses, Pierce’s Disease may have finally met its match.

Tips to Maximize Almond Yield in a Wet Year

It’s been so long since California enjoyed a super soaker like last year, some growers forgot the rains – though more than welcome – bring challenges.

How Did the Modern Apple Come About?

Most cultivated crops, if not all, are domesticated from their wild relatives. There is no exception in the case of apple.

How to Rise Among the Ranks at Your Farm Operation

Developing a few key skills will help you become a more effective member of the management team.

Hard Cider Association Releases Style Guidelines

United States Association of Cider Makers offers a look at 10 styles of hard cider in order to create uniform standards.

California Wildfires Lead to Concern over Smoke Exposure in Grapes

While it is expected to have little impact on this year’s vintage, researchers are studying smoke taint to understand more of the indicators.

New Fungicide Registered for Botrytis, Powdery Mildew

Intuity fungicide from Valent U.S.A. is labeled for grapes, strawberries.


Midwest Apple Improvement Association Breeds Fruit for the Modern Consumer

The Midwest Apple Improvement Association builds on its ‘EverCrisp’ success with four new varieties, matching consumer preferences with grower-friendly traits.

More Tools Available for Organic Growers

Pest management, fertility, and certification information all available in one place.

Tips to Winterize Your Sprayers

Taking the steps to properly prepare your sprayer for the offseason will help to reduce costly problems in the spring, says engineer and spray technology expert.

USApple Seeking Nominations for Young Apple Leaders Program

Deadline to apply for program is Dec. 31.