David Eddy

Pacific Northwest Spinach Seed Crop Threatened by Virus

Researchers battle Fusarium wilt in the only place in the U.S. that can currently grow the high-dollar leafy vegetable.

New Slate of Leaders Elected to Almond Board

California industry association announces the 2018 election results for both growers and handlers.

California’s Dry Winter Leads Reclamation to Conservative Initial Water Allocation

Agricultural water service contractors south of the Sacramento Delta are allocated 20% of their contract total; municipal and industrial water service contractors south of the Delta are allocated the greater of 70% of their historic use or public health and safety needs.

Webinar to Highlight Organic Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila

Research findings, organically approved strategies among topics covered by the webinar.

Sales of Organic Fresh Produce Reach $5 Billion

Organic berries are the fastest-growing category, increasing by 22%.

Washington Winegrowers Honor Industry Leaders

Growers, vintners feted at the association’s annual convention and trade show.

Food Safety: Once More Into the Ozone

Ozonation is a terrific technology with tremendous benefits in ensuring the safety of fresh fruit, but it’s not a “silver bullet.”

How to Grow Better Fruit [Opinion]

As costs to map DNA plummet, researchers will be able to design tastier, easier to grow fruit, thanks to RosBREED.

USApple Selects 2018 Young Apple Leaders

The 2018 class will hit the ground running on March 15 as part of USApple’s Capitol Hill Day.

Annual Ranking of Agricultural Technology Companies Released

SVG Partners announces this year’s top 50 leading companies as annual event recognizing ag-tech trailblazers approaches.

Biostimulant and Root Activator Released Nationwide

Nutrient Technologies announces Acrecio will be available to growers across the country.

Smartphone Apps to Help You ID Weeds

You carry a computer/camera with you everywhere you go; use it to help control pesky weeds.

Advisory Board Says Invasive Pests, Pricing Among 2018 Challenges

Members of American Fruit Grower and Western Fruit Grower magazines’ Editorial Advisory Board share their thoughts on how things might be shaping up in 2017.

Largest Winegrape Show in Western World Draws Nearly 14,000

Growers and other industry folks from 30 countries attended the 24th Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, which wrapped up yesterday.

Almond Board Election Underway

Voting begins for almond growers and handlers, who will serve as directors beginning in March.

Almond Huller Gets Labor Inquiry

Visitor says they were contracted by the U.S. Department of Labor to quiz workers.

Growers Say Collaboration is Key to Defeating HLB

Florida and California have — so far — had different experiences with HLB, the incurable disease facing citrus growers everywhere.

Growers Say Precision Agriculture is Changing the Way They Farm

Most fruit growers plan to stay the course this coming year in terms of what they produce, but precision agriculture is changing how they do it.

Almond Growers Should Take a New Look at Bts

Bacillus thuringiensis products are not new, but there are new reasons for using them.

Global Ag-Tech Innovation Summit Slated

2018 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit intended to connect innovation, investment, and business in food and farming systems.