Growers Have A New App For Identifying Beneficial Insects

Good BugsThe “Good Bugs +” app developed with in a partnership with the Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group and Ohio State University, is now available in the Apple App Store. The app helps growers to identify natural enemies, native plants, and pollinators in the field.

The app offers information broken down into three categories: “Natural Enemies,” “Native Plants,” and “Pollinators.” Once the user selects a particular category, a list of 48 natural enemies, 48 native plants, or six pollinators are available to peruse. Under each section, users are able to search categories by name, size, color, and prey.

Click here to read more about “Good Bugs +.”

The app is for sale now in the Apple App Store for $2.99. The app will soon be available at the Google Plus Store.





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