8 Ways To Facilitate Learning In The Field

8 Ways To Facilitate Learning In The Field

A happy worker is a loyal worker. And amid the rip current of critical labor issues facing farms across the U.S., it’s more important than ever for growers to make sure they have a stable workforce.


Fortunately, there are steps farm operation managers can take to get their workers actively involved, increase retention, and improve job performance.

Joy Jacobs, Director of Grower Education for the California Strawberry Commission, led a discussion on this timely topic during the most recent installment of the GenNext Webinar Series.

Jacobs laid the groundwork for her presentation by distinguishing the difference between facilitating learning vs. training. While employee training and education are necessary elements of any job, Jacobs said there often is a disconnect between those imparting knowledge to the ones receiving.

To help turn the one-sided nature of a traditional training session into an integrated facilitated learning experience for your workers, Jacobs reviewed the top 8 tips to ensure success.

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GenNext Growers webinar opening slide for how to Facilitate Learning In The Fields