Growers In Deadly Cantaloupe Case Meet With Victims’ Families

Eric and Ryan Jensen of Colorado-based Jensen Farms met last week with family members of some of the victims who became ill or died as a result of eating Listeria-tainted cantaloupe from their farm. Last month, the brothers pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges involving contaminated cantaloupe.

According to a report in the Denver Post, the meeting with family members was part of an agreement with prosecutors. The Jensens will be sentenced on Jan. 28, 2014.

In 2011, cantaloupe contaminated with Listeria killed 33 people and hospitalized 147 across the U.S. The outbreak was traced back to Jensen Farms and was the result of the unsanitary practices in the packing shed.

Last month, the Jensens also filed suit against Primus Labs, the auditor that gave the farm a superior safety report in 2011.

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Source: The Denver Post

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One comment on “Growers In Deadly Cantaloupe Case Meet With Victims’ Families

  1. Chris Robb

    A totally sad situation all the way around,but doesn’t it make the case that even with a good safety program that nothing is fool proof? They were audited 4 days before the incident, a point in time only to be contaminated, unintentionally 4 days later? We live in a dynamic world where you can’t possibly control everything. Tort reform has become essential, or we’ll all be out of business with attorney’s like Marler around. There was no intent to kill……..