Farm Market Ideas Making The News

Farm Market Ideas Making The News

Farm bike tour free imageYou hold events, hoping to attract large crowds to your farm market. Here are four promotional ideas that are going the distance, since each one attracted media attention.


Look them over and see if any of these ideas makes sense for your own business:

Organize A Bike Tour (Or Get Added To One)

This marks the sixth year that cyclists on Vancouver Island, BC, have pedaled their way from farm markets to vineyards to cider houses by participating in theĀ Comox Valley Farm Cycle Tour (Sep 25).

Like many similar farm tours, it’s a program that is sponsored by the area tourism and economic developement programs.

Farm markets that benefit from this tour include Blue Moon Farm, Berry Best Organic Farm, Amar Farm, Glen Alwin Farm, Innisfree Farm, New Spout Farm, Seeds Market, and Seiffert’s Farm Market.


Hold A Facebook Contest With A Cash Prize

Lepp Farm Market in Abbotsford, BC, partnering with its local paper, Abby News, held a Facebook contest where entrants clicked on a recipe from Jason and MeganĀ Lepp. To qualify for the $25 drawing, participants typed one of the ingredients from the recipe in the comment field.

There were 88 comments as of Sep. 2. More importantly, there were 43 shared posts, spreading the word. And the majority of those shares were individuals, who posted the contest on their own Facebook pages.

As a marketing effort, this looks like a great success.

Host An Arts And Craft Show

Ugly Dog’s Farm in Davison, MI, is hosting an artisan show that includes a variety of handmade items, from pottery, to metal work, to art glass, and many other pieces. The Fisks, who own the farm, are providing a variety of wool items, sourced from their own sheep, their local paper, The Burton View, reports.

It’s the first year for the craft show, and it taps into a pool of artisans always looking for new venues.


Hold Cooking Demonstrations

There’s a reason most morning news programs always have a segment on cooking, when so many other gimmicks to grab audience attention have come and gone over the years. Even as lifestyles change, people love to see how they can make something different for themselves, their family, and guests.

Do why not invite a chef to the farm and host your own cooking demonstration?

That’s what the Johnstown’s Central Farmer’s Market did. It invited the local hospital chef to demonstrate healthy and tasty eating. Most of the ingredients came from local staff (of course!), and he cooked everything on a gas grill.