5 Farm Marketing Ideas Recently Spied By Our Editors

5 Farm Marketing Ideas Recently Spied By Our Editors

Our editors visit farm marketers all over the country and see great ideas. So Christina Herrick (American Fruit Grower and Western Fruit Grower), Rosemary Gordon (American Vegetable Grower), Frank Giles (Florida Grower), and I (American Farm Marketer) each picked one or two that we think can put into action.


If you have ideas of your own to share, we’d love to hear about them!

Host Fun Runs At Your Farm

Skumpy Skedaddle 2

Several orchards have hosted races on their farms. These 5K timed runs not only exposed their farms to a new audience, scores of participants bought much-needed donuts, cider, and other food after their runs.
Here are a few tips Almar Orchards in Flushing, MI, and Sietsema Orchards in Ada, MI, has for anyone who wants to do something similar:
1. Work with an established race. Both orchards provided space for the race, but the heavy lifting in organizing participants and working the race was done by outside firms.
2. Try to time it in early fall. If you want participants to come back with their families, make sure enough of the season is left for that to happen.

christina herrickIdea Spotted By: Christina Herrick, Managing Editor, American Fruit Grower and Western Fruit Grower


How To Stand out At The Farmers’ Market

The Produce Peddler's farmers' market display ideas

Zay and Leah Lopez of The Produce Peddler in Mack, CO, say marketing is everything and offer three pointers on how to go above and beyond on your display.
1. Catch customers’ eyes with a bright, solid-colored tablecloth.
2. Make sure your display is fully stocked so you are maximizing the space you have to sell your produce.
3. Go big on signs, making sure they are colorful and use large print that is easy to read.

rosemary gordanIdea Spotted By: Rosemary Gordon, Editor, American Vegetable Grower



Extend Your You-Pick Season With New Crops

blackberries for sale

I’ve seen several Florida growers adding blackberries to their You-Pick operations. For those with blueberries, the blackberries come in as the blues are winding down. They have great consumer demand because of reported health benefits. We recently featured former Major League Baseball player Mike Greenwell’s farm near Ft. Myers, FL. He is adding blackberries to the mix of 28 crops planted on his farm. The blackberries should extend his You-Pick and growing season into June. With other crops, the season begins to slow down in early May.
To learn more about blackberries suited for Florida, visit https://is.gd/blackberryFL

frank giles

Idea Spotted By: Frank Giles, Editor, Florida Grower


Spruce Up Your Parking Lot

Parking Lot Displays Bauman Farms
Steal this idea from Bauman Farms (Gervais, OR) and give some love to your parking lot. After all, it’s the first impression you make. Even if you can’t afford to pour asphalt, you can add hanging basket displays (don’t forget to set up irrigation lines!) and even typical, white farm fencing to set the mood for your customers.

Carol MillerIdea Spotted By: Carol Miller, Editor, American Farm Marketer



How To Keep Your Sanity While Increasing Events At Your Farm

Tractor ride from Meister Mystery Trip at Pattersons

The key is to stagger events, focusing on one at a time, says Mike Fusilier of Fusilier Family Farms in Manchester, MI. For example, host a customer appreciation day separate from a fall festival and summer festival. Make each event memorable by hiring a clown, releasing butterflies, offering pony rides, encouraging visitors to walk the farm, or providing patrons with free hamburgers.

rosemary gordanIdea Spotted By: Rosemary Gordon, Editor, American Vegetable Grower