How To Book A Great Band For Your Festivals

How To Book A Great Band For Your Festivals

Live music woman playing guitar free imageWe reached out to, a booking site for different types of professionals, including bands, to get advice on how to find the right band for your festival:


Step 1: Plan ahead of time! It’s important to give yourself enough time to find the right music entertainment. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect band and learning that they are booked up when you need them.

Step 2: Know your audience and their interests, age, and size. This will help you determine what music genre they’ll be interested in. Consider genres that work for audiences of all ages and interests (e.g., Oldies, Pop, Jazz/Blues, or Folk).

Step 3: Determine any specific music preferences, whether it’s a music era, artists, or songs you want featured.

Step 4: Know your budget. Prices can range significantly from the low to the high end. Consider trying to negotiate with bands by highlighting the audience size and composition and, if you’re OK with it, the possibilities for bands to advertise their CDs and promote their music.

Step 5: Submit requests for bands. Provide bands with the information they need to decide if they’re interested: including the type of event, location, duration, audience size, music preferences, and sound equipment needs. A platform like Thumbtack makes it very simple to give bands in your area information and quickly finds bands who are interested and can meet your needs.

Step 6: Hire the right band!

Questions To Consider

Beyond these six steps, we pulled a few more things you should consider from a list of questions that Thumbtack’s site asks you in order to determine the right band for you.

  1. How long is your event?
  2. How many performers are you looking for?
  3. Do you have your own sound system?
  4. Is the venue inside or outside?
  5. Do you need an emcee?

Another site we visited, Sam Hill Bands, has a handy list of frequently asked questions. It advises that budgets can range from $750 to more than $10,000, depending on the size of the band, the band’s popularity, as well as other factors like how long the performers will be on your site.