USApple Launches New Logo At Bi-Annual Board Meeting

USApple AssociationUSApple Launching New Brand Identity at Bi-Annual Board Meetings

Apple industry leaders from across the country will soon converge in the nation’s capital, and when they do, they’ll be greeted by materials bearing a whole new look. U.S. Apple Association (USApple) will officially launch its new brand identity next week during its bi-annual board meeting in Washington, D.C.

The new identity — which USApple’s Education Committee recently selected and the Executive Committee approved — seeks to serve the association’s multiple audiences, ranging from grower and producer members to policymakers and consumers.

“The old logo has been around for more than ten years and has served us well during its lifetime,” said Wendy Brannen, director of USApple’s education program. “Since it was developed, however, logo styles have changed and more importantly, the mediums where logos are utilized have changed—or did not even exist at the time.”

“Our new identity is less cumbersome in modern media like web banners and online ads, or on Facebook and other social media where the association name or even just an emblem representing it needs to be clearly recognizable at a smaller size,” Brannen added.

The new identity is apple red and apple green. Artwork was created with both horizontal and vertical layouts to have more flexibility, and an apple graphic can stand alone as an icon where necessary. It also takes into account target audience, with internal-facing and government affairs versions reading “USApple Association” and external-facing versions simply reading, “USApples.”

Brannen said the new brand identity will be integrated into all USApple outreach materials in the weeks ahead.

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