Poland Asks U.S. To Import Apples Banned By Russia

Poland Asks U.S. To Import Apples Banned By Russia

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports Poland’s ambassador to the U.S., Ryszard Schnepf, told Polish Press Agency that he met Michael Scuse, a senior official with USDA, about the steps needed to take to open the U.S. market.


Poland seeks to export apples banned by Russia in retaliation to sanctions imposed by Western countries.

According to AFP News Service, Schnef said, “We are interested in a quick decision because the situation is extraordinary.”

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The Polish embassy has also launched a YouTube campaign, featuring Schnepf, to promote what the embassy is calling #FreedomApples.

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Phil Carter says:

I am opposed to imports of Polish apples, we have a hard enough time marketing our US crop. While I understand the situation for the Poles, we can no longer be the salvation of the rest of the world. That is not even considering all the regulations we have to follow, labor laws, taxes, food safety audits, being registered to use pesticides that are restricted. Then there is the concern about exotic pests comming into this country,SWD, BMSB to name just two.. Our government needs to be more concerned with our growers(and related businesses) than political issues. Food security is the largest item in national security.