Video Highlights The Apple Breeding Process

Video Highlights The Apple Breeding Process

A video on TED-Ed, a website devoted to sharing ideas of educators throughout the world through animated videos, discusses the process of apple breeding. This video, “Why are there so many types of apples,” was created by Theresa Doud, daughter of David and Valerie Doud of David Doud’s Countyline Orchard in Wabash, IN.


Theresa Doud, a chemistry teacher in Indiana who also has helped with the Midwest Apple Improvement Associations’ science committee, says the idea for this video came following another TED-Ed video on the history of the atomic theory. She said she enjoyed the process and decided to submit a lesson on the apple breeding process.

Doud says that as she helps on her family’s farm in the fall, she often explains to consumers how new varieties are developed and this video was intended to help inform consumers about the process.

“I hope that people (the apple community) can use this video to further educate the public about where their apples are coming from and why they find new varieties in among the standard apples at the grocery store,” Doud says.