New Source For High And Low Tunnel Berry Growers

New Source For High And Low Tunnel Berry Growers

tunnelberriesTunnel Berries project, led by Eric Hanson at Michigan State University, coordinates information on high tunnel berry production taking place at a number of institutions including Penn State University, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Rutgers University, Cornell University, The University of Vermont, the University of New Hampshire, and Lancaster University.


The project is designed to identify effective tunnel types and plastic for both crops and location, determine if specialty plastics can reduce pesticide use by suppressing diseases and insect pests, and increase the recycling of tunnel plastics. The project also will identify and address threats from pests and diseases as well as threats to pollinators, improve efficiency and productivity, and test new technology and innovations.

Visitors to the project web site can learn more about the project and obtain information on sources and manufacturers of high and low tunnels, different brands of plastics, production of berries in both tunnels and the field, and plastics recycling efforts. There are links to videos on many of the above topics, and more information is being added as time goes on.

The project has support from the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association, the New York State Berry Growers Association, the Michigan State Horticultural Society, and the Minnesota Berry Growers Association.

Research on this project is supported by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the Specialty Crops Research Initiative.