Clutch Insecticide Registered For Soil Application

Clutch Insecticide Registered For Soil Application

Clutch insecticide (clothianidin, Valent U.S.A.) received registration for soil application in grapes in California and other states.


The registration means that growers can use Clutch earlier in the season to target key pests like vine mealybug before they move into the grape canopy and berries, making the product a good tool for early season applications.

Clutch has low water solubility, which allows it to stay close to the root zone for maximum plant uptake without leaching or groundwater concerns. This fosters quick plant uptake in all soil types.

Because it is a new-generation neonicotinoid, Clutch provides longer-lasting control of tough pests including leafhopper, grapeleaf skeletonizer, grape mealybug, glassy-winged sharpshooter, Japanese beetle, and vine mealybug. The product also suppresses grape phylloxera.

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