Stone Fruit Stories

Stone Fruit
January 3, 2017
State of the Industry: Stone Fruit Growers are Optimistic
Only in the Northeast, where a wicked frost wiped out many growers’ crops, are there major concerns. Read More
Apple Grower of the Year
December 6, 2016
2014 Apple Grower Of The Year Bill Evans Dies
Legendary apple grower Bill Evans, who along with his wife, Jeannette, farmed more apple acreage than any grower in the Read More
Stone Fruit
December 2, 2016
Managing Risks And Reward Of Going High Density In Michigan
The King family sees dwarfing high-density system as the future of their sweet cherry production. Read More
Stone Fruit
November 29, 2016
Going High Density In Tart Cherries
Grower’s take on a high-density system meant modifying a berry harvester to fit his system. Read More
Disease Control
November 28, 2016
Tips To Keep Your Stone Fruit Orchard Clean
Managing serious plant diseases of peach and plums requires a cooperative approach. Read More
November 1, 2016
Michigan Tree Fruit Commission Helps Research Station Obtain New Orchard Platform
Funding to help increase efficiency, make data collection easier. Read More
Stone Fruit
October 28, 2016
Cherry Training Systems From Traditional To Transformative
Early and sustained yields can be achieved with upright fruiting offshoots system. Read More
Stone Fruit
October 4, 2016
California Olive Oil Producers Extend Standards
Smaller growers will be able to participate in the sampling and testing program designed to boost consumer confidence. Read More
Stone Fruit
September 28, 2016
New Research Gets To The Bottom Of Cherry Cracking
German researchers hope to identify root causes of rain-induced problem. Read More
Pest Control
August 21, 2016
Spotted Wing Drosophila: For Michigan, It’s A ‘Game-Changer’
Why the pest can be so much more destructive for Eastern cherry growers might be due to what they’re not farming. Read More
a trio of peaches
Stone Fruit
August 3, 2016
Loans Available For Stone Fruit Growers Hit By February Freeze
Western Massachusetts growers who experienced tree loss or damage may be eligible for farm loans. Read More
Stone Fruit
July 26, 2016
Take A Closer Look At The Tall Spindle Axe Training System
One of the more traditional three-dimensional canopies, Tall Spindle Axe data shows consistent early and sustained yields. Read More
a trio of peaches
Stone Fruit
July 10, 2016
American Farm Bureau Video Highlights Labor Struggle During Peach Harvest
Growers say administrative delays have caused workers to arrive days or weeks late. Read More
Apples & Pears
July 8, 2016
Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Expands In Pennsylvania
More townships added as small populations of the pest are found in municipalities adjacent to previously quarantined areas. Read More
Stone Fruit
June 30, 2016
Large Tart Cherry Crop Expected In Michigan
Nikki Rothwell, Center Coordinator for the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center in Traverse City, MI, tells, the tart cherry crop Read More
The Latest
Stone Fruit
November 14, 2017
Southeastern Peach Growers Hope for Wint…
Chill hours being sought, but the possibility of a La Niña climate pattern could mean a drier and warmer winter. Read More
Stone Fruit
October 27, 2017
Spotted Wing Drosophila is an Old Pest, …
Growers in the East and Midwest have noticed the invasive pest feeding on uncompromised fruit. Read More
Stone Fruit
September 25, 2017
Many Pollinators Boost Cherry Yields — N…
Researchers are finding a multi-pronged approach to pollinators give both sweet and tart cherry growers the best results. Read More
Stone Fruit
September 9, 2017
Southeast Peach Prices Soar with Small C…
While the Georgia and South Carolina peach crop is tiny, locally grown peaches are selling for big bucks. Read More
Farm Marketing
August 31, 2017
Winning at Farmers’ Markets – Secr…
Small farmer Rodney Stackhouse cashes in at 25 farmers’ markets a week by growing 200-plus varieties of stone fruit and empowering a crackerjack staff. Read More
Stone Fruit
August 29, 2017
What Will Be the Next Generation of Cher…
Take a look at what the future has in store for NC-140 Sweet Cherry Canopy Architecture and Rootstock Trials. Read More
Insect Control
August 22, 2017
Stink Bug Threatens High-Dollar Crops in…
While populations are low, it appears invasive pest has recently stumbled upon the state’s peaches and almonds. Read More
Stone Fruit
August 1, 2017
Researcher: Cherry Growers Must Use Dise…
Dave Jones, Extension Educator with Michigan State University, says growers are well accustomed to monitoring and thinking ahead. Read More
Stone Fruit
July 31, 2017
Clemson Peach Breeding Hones in on Disea…
In spite of the March freeze that devastated growers in the region, one producer says breeding for taste and quality needs to prevail. Read More
Disease Control
July 25, 2017
Brown Rot Sinks its Teeth into Michigan …
Unseasonably wet weather causes outbreak, and growers are warned it can spread to peaches. Read More
Stone Fruit
July 6, 2017
Oriental Fruit Moth One Shifty Pest
This moth has many characteristics that have allowed it to adapt and thrive in many peach and nectarine growing regions. Read More
Stone Fruit
July 5, 2017
Floyd Zaiger is the Sweetness Scientist …
Floyd Zaiger’s innovative lab extends to the orchard, where he and his kids’ crosses produce some of the world’s most fabulous fruit. Read More
Apples & Pears
June 19, 2017
Bee-ware: New Resources Released for Nat…
New videos, webinars available during week-long observance. Read More
Stone Fruit
June 17, 2017
Keep an Eye out for Peach Leaf Curl
Follow these tips to prevent the disease next year. Read More
Stone Fruit
June 12, 2017
Monster Sweet Cherry Crop Expected
But the tart cherry crop is forecasted to drop nearly one-quarter from 2016. Read More
Stone Fruit
June 6, 2017
California Dried Plum Crop Expected To D…
After the disastrous 2016 bloom, a more normal crop this year has the prune industry back on track. Read More
Stone Fruit
June 5, 2017
Michigan State University Awarded Grant …
Research team seeks solutions to protect state’s cherry crop. Read More
Stone Fruit
June 4, 2017
Multiple Leader Training Optimizes Sweet…
The final intensive training system to be examined in the North American NC-140 Sweet Cherry Canopy Architecture and Rootstock Trial Read More