USDA Announces Amendments To Export Apple Act

USDA Announces Amendments To Export Apple Act

USDA recently announced two amendments to the Export Apple Act. The first amendment exempts apples shipped to Canada in bulk containers from USDA inspection and certification. The second amendment adds a definition for bulk container to the act.


As a result of the amendments, U.S. apples shipped to Canada in bulk containers — which hold a quantity of apples weighing more than 100 pounds — will be exempt from U.S. inspection and certification requirements under the act. The Agricultural Act of 2014, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in February, authorized these amendments.

While the Export Apple Act has been amended and U.S. certification requirements modified, Canadian requirements remain unchanged and are still in effect per Canada’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations. USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service will continue to provide the inspections at U.S. shipping points. These inspections are recognized by Canada and will provide the required documentation to meet Canadian import requirements for bulk apples shipped to Canada.

The USDA is responsible for enforcing the Export Apple Act. It was adopted to promote the foreign trade of U.S. apples, protect the reputation of domestic apples in foreign markets, prevent deception or misrepresentation of the quality of products moving in foreign commerce, provide for the commercial inspection of products entering such commerce, and for other purposes.

Fore more information, visit the Agricultural Marketing Service news site.

Source: Agricultural Marketing Service news release