USDA: Walnut Acreage Up 15,000 In 2013

USDA: Walnut Acreage Up 15,000 In 2013

Combined sales of walnut trees to California growers were 15,720 acres for the 2013 crop year, according to a recent estimate by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.


The primary objective of the California Walnut Nursery Sales Report survey is to estimate planted acres by variety for the 2013 crop year based on the number of walnut trees sold for new plantings. The report summarizes data supplied by California nurseries throughout the state who sold to walnut growers for commercial plantings. Results from this survey will be used in conjunction with the Walnut Acreage Survey to estimate the walnut acres in California.

Questionnaires were mailed to all known walnut nurseries in California, and responses were received from most operations. Nurseries that did not report data were estimated. The nurseries were asked to report the number of trees sold by variety for commercial plantings, and to estimate the percentage of trees sold for new plantings. Acres planted by variety were then estimated based on the data reported. Acre estimates were calculated using the reported number of trees sold, along with the trees per acre by variety from the Walnut Acreage Survey.

The Chandler variety accounted for the largest percentage of new plantings at 70.1%. The Tulare variety came in second at 9.0%, followed by the Howard variety at 5.8%.

Source: USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service