New Product: Data Tracking And Mapping Labor Management System

Tiger Jill Data Tracking and Mapping

PET (Payroll Employee Tracking) Tiger from Orange Enterprises, Inc. is a paperless and wireless labor management system that integrates multiple devices such as regular time clocks, biometric clocks, handheld devices, and smart phones. While performing field operations, harvesting, packing, transportation, and administration activities, those devices send data to a single database. Ag operations with all crops are electronically monitoring labor data to make efficient management decisions in real-time and improve overall productivity and transparency.

Current mobile communication technology makes it possible for agricultural operations to make labor decisions with greater precision in real time. Now owners, managers, and supervisors see productivity throughout a workday rather than wait until the end of a work week.

PET Tiger data mapping visually provides, on a map, the status of a company’s labor force. Users can click on the flag in a map and see who is working in the field, what task is being performed, how much productivity has been achieved, and what equipment is being used. This feature allows supervisors, managers, or owners the ability to make decisions while in or out of the office. The maps are accessible on any mobile device with Internet access like smartphones, iPhones and tablets, as well as laptops or PCs.

The collected data is used for import to accounting software to process payroll checks. According to Orange Enterprises, the time invested into payroll processing significantly decreases with use of the PET Tiger.

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