Tips To Prevent Winter Damage To Irrigation Equipment

(Photo credit: Michigan State University)

(Photo credit: Michigan State University)

Irrigation equipment is an important component of the growing season. Although the need for the equipment ends once the growing season is over, preparing their irrigation equipment for the upcoming winter weather can help head off troubles once spring resumes.

Researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) urge growers to take time now to winterize the irrigation equipment to get a better start to next year’s irrigation season. Inspecting equipment now allows time to make improvements and repairs in the off-season and diagnose irrigation problems now, instead of when the equipment is needed.

MSU researchers suggest growers follow these tips to winterize irrigation equipment:

  • Park pivots in a safe location
  • Remove brush and branches near equipment
  • Lower the water levels in underground piping
  • Drain roll up hoses, travelers, and big guns
  • Check for water pockets in trickle, drip lines, and tape
  • Drain or pump down underground pipelines
  • Drain the pumping plant
  • Inspect and lock down electrical power supplies
  • Catalogue improvements and repairs on each system with a winter work list

For more information on winterizing your farm equipment, click here.

Source: Michigan State University news release

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