UC-Davis Postharvest Technology Announces Short Courses And Workshops

UC-Davis Postharvest Technology Announces Short Courses And Workshops

University of California (UC)-Davis Postharvest Technology announces short courses and workshops for 2014. The workshops and courses kick off on Jan. 22, with a one-day workshop focusing on fruit and vegetable quality.


Jan. 22:  Methods of Measuring Fruit and Vegetable Quality: Color, Flavor, Texture Workshop
This one-day workshop held on the UC-Davis campus includes lectures on the principles and applications of measuring produce color, flavor, and texture, and includes demonstrations of a variety of the latest equipment. The principles behind instrumental measurement of flavor, color and texture will be discussed, and the various instruments and methods available will be available in interactive demonstrations.

March 25-26: Fruit Ripening & Retail Handling Workshop
This workshop, presented annually by the UC-Davis Postharvest Technology Center on the UC-Davis campus, is intended for shippers and fruit handlers (wholesale and retail), and produce managers who are involved in handling and ripening fruits and fruit-vegetables. The workshop focuses on how to increase profits by reducing losses at the receiving end, and delivering ready-to-eat, delicious fruits and fruit-vegetables to the consumer.

June 16-27: Postharvest Technology Short Course
This course is a one-week intensive study (plus optional one-week field tour) of the biology and current technologies used for handling fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals in California. It is designed for research and Extension workers, quality control personnel in the produce industry, business, government, or academic professionals interested in current advances in the postharvest technology of horticultural crops. It is particularly of interest to technical professionals responsible for quality assurance, research and extension activities related to fresh produce quality, safety, and marketability.

Sept. 23-25: Fresh-Cut Products: Maintaining Quality and Safety Workshop
This workshop held at the UC-Davis campus provides a solid overview of this product category and is relevant to all levels of fresh-cut produce industry professionals — from small, local and regional produce processors to large businesses with nationwide distribution. Food scientists, food engineers, quality assurance personnel, and new product development staff as well as representatives from research institutions, the restaurant and institutional food industries, and equipment, packaging and ingredient suppliers will all benefit from attending.

Nov. 3-5: Produce Safety: A Science-based Framework Workshop
This 2 1/2-day workshop held at the UC-Davis campus is an integrated approach to building a foundation of awareness and improved understanding of the current scientific basis for produce microbial safety systems and preventive controls. The content is designed to provide participants with a framework for decision-making on key topics common to industry guidance and standards as well as anticipated federal regulatory compliance requirements. The curriculum is a blend of fundamental, applied, and practical information that will challenge existing knowledge and assumptions regarding the How, Why, Where and When facts of developing, implementing, managing, and evolving produce food safety programs.

Source: UC-Davis Postharvest Technology news release