Summer SWeet® HiGlow® SS28802MR

Summer Sweet HiGlow SS28802MRSS28802MR is a new SSW® sweet corn with improved rust and NCLB resistance. In addition to having the natural SSW® traits, fuller seeds, stronger root systems and stalks, better germination and aggressive vigor, this bi-color also has SRG® benefits, such as significantly darker green plants, husks and thicker leaves that maintain well beyond maturity. These benefits make it a superior and attractive fresh market selection for both growers and end consumers. It has a tall plant, uniform growth and a large ear size, with ears reaching approximately 9” in length. This variety is ideal for a late season time slot, maturing in approximately 81 days and maintains its ear size in the fall and winter growing seasons. SS28802MR is a great sweet corn selection for the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest USA regions in addition to California.

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