The “Mite Fight” Can Prove Costly for Grape Growers

Growers fight numerous pests throughout the life cycle of grapes. Many recognize spider mites as one of the key pests they must control to protect their crops and bottom lines. It’s all part of the “mite fight.”

Research from the University of California Cooperative Extension shows how spider mites can cause significant cellular damage to grape vines. Specifically, Tetranychus pacificus – more commonly known as the Pacific spider mite – is the primary pest mite species for grapes in the San Joaquin Valley and is appearing more and more in certain North Coast grape-growing areas. Adult Pacific spider mite females vary in color from amber to greenish; later in the season, adult females can turn orange to reddish. These pests prefer the warmer, upper canopy of the vine. They can cause damage early in the season, but Pacific spider mites often prefer the hotter, drier part of the grape-growing season. Depending on location, growers also should be on the lookout for the Willamette spider mite, Eotetranychus willamettei, and the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae.

Growers should thoroughly evaluate their spray programs to keep mite populations in check. The key to controlling undesirable mites while maintaining beneficial insect populations is to use the right chemistry at the right time.

The Right Chemistry
ACRAMITE®-50WS Miticide plays a key role in the successful fight against the Pacific spider mite and other spider-mite species. Noted as a grower’s first line of defense against all stages of the three key spider mites, ACRAMITE-50WS will not cause secondary pest outbreaks or spider mite resurgence. Its reliable carbazate chemistry is easy on beneficial insects and predator mites and attacks a variety of spider mites at all life stages. It works quickly to provide knockdown (residual control for up to 30 days) and has no known cross-resistance.

Additional Options
Additionally, other miticides from Arysta LifeScience help growers in the “mite fight” all season long:

  • OMITE® Miticide – This exceptional treatment features a unique fuming action that takes the fight to mites, no matter where they hide. It is unique as it has three routes of entry into the mites: contact, residual and inhalation. Its rainfastness and residual control make OMITE effective throughout the entire growing season.
  • KANEMITE® 15SC Miticide – KANEMITE 15SC has a 7-day PHI on grapes and strong contact activity against the spectrum of spider mite species found in vineyards, making it a good choice for late-season applications to help clean up escape populations as harvest dates approach.

Additionally, the University of California Cooperative Extension recommends checking for spider mites during rapid shoot growth on the first emerging leaves. At bloom, divide the vineyard into quadrants and in each quadrant, randomly select five vines (each at least a few vines in from the end of the row). Look for mites weekly on each of the 20 vines using a 10-14X lens to ensure proper treatment of any infestations. Track mite development. This mite monitoring form from the University of California is a helpful means to stay on top of mite pressure and plan treatment timing.

To learn more about the Arysta LifeScience portfolio of crop protection products specific to spider mites in grapes, contact your crop protection retailer, visit or call 866-761-9397.

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