Grow Smart with BASF: Almond Solutions

Between fluctuating commodity prices, unpredictable weather conditions and varying crop pressures, almond growers faced many challenges during the 2016 growing season. As orchard management happens over the summer, it is a good time to review last year’s trials and successes to prepare the best tools to protect almond yields in 2017.

When it comes to protecting crops, BASF has the solutions to safeguard an almond grower’s investments from start to finish. BASF offers almond growers a complete portfolio of products that will protect orchards from disease, support plant health and maximize yield.

  • Merivon® fungicide combines the active ingredient Xemium® fungicide with the active ingredient pyraclostrobin, found in Pristine® fungicide. This combination delivers longer lasting disease protection against a broad spectrum of diseases and proven plant health benefits. Field trials also demonstrate that using Merivon fungicide consistently delivers higher crop quality to a grower’s harvest than any other fungicide available on the market today.
  • Nealta® miticide offers long-lasting control for all mite life stages of spider mites, including eggs. It provides a unique class of chemistry not found in any other miticide, making it a great rotation partner for resistance management. Nealta miticide is also compatible with beneficial arthropods thanks to its precision target spectrum.
  • Altrevin® fire ant bait insecticide controls fire ants within six to 14 days after application. The industry standard is control within one to two months. This difference in control time can mean a significant yield savings. Altrevin fire ant bait insecticide also controls fire ants up to 61 days after application.
  • Treevix® herbicide offers a unique chemistry for control of the toughest broadleaf weeds, leaving growers with a clean, healthy orchard. It provides superior control of postemergent weeds, especially pigweed and shepherd’s purse. Treevix herbicide is rainfast one hour after application and has a flexible application timing window with only a seven day preharvest interval.

Almond growers want to get the most, acre after acre, season after season. Grow Smart™ with BASF can help growers with everything from agronomic applications, product purchase decisions, risk mitigation and crop protection plans. With the right people by their side offering personalized help, almond growers can reap the rewards of creating a partnership with a company that has over 150 years of agronomic insights.

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