Wet Start to Potato Growing Season Makes Disease Prevention Crucial

This year the potato crop in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. got off to a bumpy start. Several weeks of rain delayed planting and wet weather generally means high disease pressures. This means taking extra precautions to ensure strong yields and good-looking spuds at harvest. The next month of growth will be a crucial time to keep the crop healthy and vibrant.

Fungicide applications to control white mold are taking place now before row closure and prior to full bloom. Endura® fungicide from BASF has been one of the leaders in the industry for white mold prevention in potatoes. When applying Endura fungicide, growers not only get superior control of white mold, but it has the added benefit of providing excellent control of early blight and suppression of gray mold. Both early blight and gray mold can take down a field early in the season by affecting yield potential and quality.

Endura fungicide offers effective and reliable control of foliar diseases with a site of action that is different from strobilurins and other fungicides. This makes it an excellent partner to pair with a product such as Priaxor® fungicide to help increase disease control and plant health benefits.

Earlier this season, Priaxor fungicide was applied in-furrow to control early Rhizoctonia. An in-furrow application of a fungicide is the best opportunity for controlling the disease during the growing season. Growers who applied Priaxor fungicide in-furrow have seen outstanding disease control and increased plant health as the crop has emerged. In addition to disease control, there are other proven Plant Health benefits of Priaxor fungicide, such as more vigorous foliage and stems, which lead to stronger plants and could result in higher yields. When used in a Grow Smart™ potato portfolio program with Fastac® insecticide and Forum® fungicide, Priaxor fungicide has been shown to increase yields by more than 61 bags per acre, according to a 2014 trial in Perham, Minnesota.

Potato growers can learn more about the complete portfolio of products BASF offers by visiting www.GrowSmartPotatoes.com or contacting their local BASF retail representative.