Despite this year’s cool, wet spring, growers need to be vigilant about tracking flight activity to assess the threat of codling moth and make timely insect control applications.

Growers who saw heavy late-season codling moth pressure last year should be especially alert this spring, notes Carl Bannon, DuPont Crop Protection technical sales agronomist. “Higher moth counts early in the first generation could justify making an application to knock down the first-generation population and reduce nut drop.”

Earlier Control Is Better
DuPont™ Altacor® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® applied at the end of the 1B or beginning of the 2A flight, when nuts are bigger, will provide lasting control, says Bannon. “With its activity on codling moth eggs, larvae and adults,* and its residual activity, Altacor® is very effective at this timing.

Altacor® can be used 100 growing degree days earlier than pyrethroid insecticides, he adds. “Generally earlier control is better, and Altacor® provides flexibility to make an earlier application and get effective control.”

Altacor® delivers proven control of codling moth and other key lepidopteran pests, including navel orangeworm. When used early in the pest life cycle, Altacor® prevents population buildup to help maximize yield potential.

Preserve Nut Quality
Early control of codling moth also helps to preserve walnut quality. “Any wounds created by codling moth provide entry points for navel orangeworm late in the season,” says Bannon.

“Altacor® has an excellent environmental profile and minimal impact on beneficials,” he notes. “It won’t flare mites or aphids and has a short four-hour re-entry interval.”

*Disruption of adult insect behaviors in some pest species (e.g., codling moth, oriental fruit moth) such as mate finding, mating, oviposition, feeding, locomotion and orientation.

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