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Drone-aided photo of Ed Pines' CUPS
Varieties & Rootstocks
July 11, 2017
Florida Citrus Growers Going Inside to Think Outside the Box
Producing fruit under protective screen is developing into a viable option for sustaining the Sunshine State’s signature crop. Read More
A.H. Whitmore Farm in Leesburg, FL, as seen from Google Earth
Varieties & Rootstocks
March 16, 2017
Experimental Citrus Groves Disappearing in Florida
Challenges to growth expand as vital research is in dire need of a home. Read More
Cartoon sketch of a citrus seed machine
Varieties & Rootstocks
February 22, 2017
Citrus Nurseries Analyze the Need for Seed
It seems many growers are more certain about their scion choices than they are about available rootstocks. Read More
'Gold nugget' seedless tangerine
Varieties & Rootstocks
January 18, 2017
5 Florida Citrus Nursery Trends Worth Watching
Gleanings from recent grower gatherings expose opportunities and possibilities in new variety development and management. Read More
Citrus supply chain graphic
Varieties & Rootstocks
December 19, 2016
Finding Weak Links Key to Saving Florida Citrus
Unique supply challenges placing a strain on restoration of the state’s acreage. Read More
Dooryard citrus tree in Florida
Varieties & Rootstocks
April 16, 2016
Dealing With The Dooryard Citrus Dilemma
While the added revenue that comes with consumer segment trees is nice, an elevated risk of pest pressure cannot be denied. Read More
Florida EV1 Valencia hybrid oranges
Varieties & Rootstocks
January 20, 2016
Struggling Citrus Sector Has Lifeline In New Variety Development
Progress on numerous fronts show, for many, the glass is half full. Read More
Citrus rootstocks UFR 2, UFR 3, UFR4, UFR 16
Varieties & Rootstocks
October 24, 2014
Playing The Citrus Rootstock Market Has Risks And Rewards
Experimental material forcing producers to roll the dice. Read More
March 24, 2014
High Pressure Building In Need For Citrus Trees
Barometer check reveals growing challenges for those ready to replant. Read More
March 20, 2014
Florida Citrus Industry Welcomes New State-Of-The-Art Greenhouse
$200,000 nursery research facility has capacity for 12,000 experimental trees. Read More
July 24, 2013
Momentum Building For Florida Citrus Nursery Segment
Since the early days of Florida’s commercial citrus industry, research has been a key component in the formula for sustainability. Read More
June 17, 2013
There’s Hope In Citrus Rootstock Ramp-Up To Head Off HLB
Nurseries, growers, and just about everyone in the citrus industry with a pulse have been intrigued, if not excited, about Read More
June 9, 2013
New Citrus Variety Options Open For Florida Growers
New Varieties Development & Management Corp. (NVDMC) has announced a schedule of statewide grower meetings supporting the launch of the Read More
May 20, 2013
Florida Citrus Nurseries Running At Full Capacity
Despite grower frustrations and concerns with tree decline and fruit drop, many — if not all — Florida citrus nurseries Read More
May 1, 2013
Data Plan Desperately Needed To Track Early Citrus Plantings
Growers considering an investment in new citrus varieties are requesting statistical information that is either unavailable or has not yet Read More
March 29, 2013
9 New Citrus Varieties Face Trial
The November 2012 edition of “Citrus Nursery Source” provided a basic explanation of FAST TRACK, a new and innovative model Read More
February 28, 2013
Citrus Nursery Survey Says: Keep It Simple
The emergence and availability of proprietary citrus varieties is a reality for citrus growers worldwide. Most promising new varieties will Read More
Varieties & Rootstocks
September 11, 2012
Florida Citrus Nursery Tree Survey Results Released
The Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA) and Florida Citrus Mutual jointly developed a survey of citrus growers to Read More
January 24, 2011
In Focus: Paul Fabry
1. You’ve been in the citrus nursery business for many years. When canker eradication came along, how disruptive was it Read More
The Latest
Citrus Achievement Award
September 24, 2017
How to Pick the Best Fruit for Citrus Un…
Fresh varieties with consumer appeal are top priority for 2017 Citrus Achievement Award winner Ed Pines. Read More
September 23, 2017
Family Citrus Farmers Face Tough Times […
Dealing with a deadly disease is tough enough without extreme pressures from retailer/customers. Read More
September 22, 2017
Water Management Concerns Flowing in Flo…
Efforts mounted and executed to move gallons by the ton to protect property. Read More
Varieties & Rootstocks
September 22, 2017
Take Time to Survey the Latest Florida C…
The calendar is full of display day opportunities to learn, see, and do. Read More
Apples & Pears
September 22, 2017
Media Reflects Modern Society [Opinion]
Little about fruit growing — or any agriculture — appears because too few of us are willing to illuminate the media. Read More
September 22, 2017
When it Comes to Growing, Florida Farmer…
Let's raise a toast to the bold producers and researchers who are taking our industry beyond previously perceived crop viability boundaries to places once figured forbidden. Read More
September 21, 2017
Hurricane Relief Fund Launched for Flori…
Money raised will benefit Redlands Christian Migrant Association’s efforts to aid families in need. Read More
GenNext Growers
September 21, 2017
Advice for Taking Over the Family Farm
If you are considering joining and running your family business, here are some tips to ensure success. Read More
September 21, 2017
Ways Florida Blueberry Growers Can Eleva…
Promotional efforts seek to harness power that drives the Sunshine State's ‘little blue dynamos.’ Read More
Florida Ag Expo
September 21, 2017
Everything You Need to Know About the 20…
More education choices, flexible field tours, and networking opportunities to provide an enhanced attendee experience. Read More
Insect Control
September 20, 2017
Whitefly Troubles Go From Bad to Worse i…
Growers should have a plan for managing the pest from beginning to end of season. Read More
Grower Achievement Award
September 20, 2017
Ask Yourself: What Can I Do to Make Thin…
Alan Jones, this year's recipient of American Vegetable Grower magazine's Grower Achievement Award, invites all growers to do what he does: Look in the mirror and ask," What can I do to make a positive impact on our industry?" Read More
September 20, 2017
Getting to the Bottom of Bacterial Wilt …
Prolific plant pathogen now presenting a new challenge for Florida producers and researchers. Read More
September 19, 2017
Precision in Specialty Crops Gains Momen…
Here are some of the key drivers that may transform your farm in the years ahead. Read More
September 19, 2017
EPA Mulls Restricting Dicamba Use
Proposal is a part of agency’s focus on reducing herbicide injury in vulnerable crops. Read More
September 19, 2017
Washington State University Creates BMSB…
As populations grow in the state, university offers growers pest management advice. Read More
September 19, 2017
UC Davis Strawberry Lawuit Settled
Former university breeders to return any crosses that used unpatented varieties and agree the school owns rights to them. Read More
September 19, 2017
Hopes High for Hops Fresh From Florida
When it comes to alternative crop solutions, something good is brewing in the Sunshine State. Do you have what it takes to tap in? Read More