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fall armyworm
Insect Control
August 24, 2017
Stop Fall Armyworm from Getting the Drop on Your Sweet Corn Crop
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this notorious pest. Read More
Crop Protection
July 25, 2017
Vegetable Field Scouting Guide: Diamondback Moth
Due diligence is needed to help take down this pest of biblical proportions. Read More
July 23, 2017
USDA Invests $7.6 Million toward Beneficial Insect Research
Projects to promote beneficial organisms as part of a pest control strategy. Read More
July 12, 2017
Tomato Pests Can Be Induced to Cannibalism, New Study Shows
The University of Wisconsin's John Orrock says when beet armyworms are exposed to concentrations of methyl jasmonate, they will abandon eating tomatoes — and start eating one another. Read More
Crop Protection
June 25, 2017
Study Suggests Closer-Proximity Lures Help Increase Insect Pest Catches
Research shows single-trap locations are not as effective as those kept close together. Read More
Cucurbit leaf crumple virus
June 20, 2017
Take Caution to Curb Cucurbit Leaf Crumple Virus
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this disease. Read More
Purple nutsedge on tomato plants
June 6, 2017
Scientists Zone in on Precision Weed Control
Surgically placed fumigants at the base of promising pest management method for vegetable growers. Read More
May 10, 2017
Florida Sweet Potato Farmers Learning How to One Up Wireworms
UF/IFAS researchers develop trapping systems for potent pest; studying other crop protection methods to help save revenue. Read More
May 2, 2017
Southeastern Strawberry Growers Advised to Prepare for Disease Pressure
Recent rain is conducive to the main strawberry fruit rot diseases, according to the chief of the Southern Region IPM Center. Read More
Suzanne Wainwright-Evans speaks to crowd at Biocontrols USA West 2017
Biocontrols Conference
March 6, 2017
More Growers Willing to Bet on Biocontrols
Industry event highlighting alternative pest management methods draws interested crowd to Reno. Read More
February 28, 2017
Growers’ Help Wanted on Spotted Wing Drosophila Survey
National project needs input on how the nasty pest affected your farms in 2016. Read More
UF/IFAS researcher Cristina Pisani examines ailing avocado tree
Crop Protection
February 27, 2017
New Discovery Smells Like Victory for Florida Avocado Growers
Scientists find naturally occurring repellent that could keep disease-carrying beetles at bay. Read More
February 4, 2017
Pests, Diseases in Organic Growing the topic of Washington State University Fruit School
Biology, ecology of organic production the focus of two-day event. Read More
Close-up of mature diamondback moth
Insect Control
January 13, 2017
3 Ways to Save Your Vegetable Crops From Diamondback Moths
An integrated approach is key to managing this destructive pest. Read More
Dickeya chrysanthemi of potato
Disease Control
December 21, 2016
Two Tips to Improve Your Potato Seed Stock
High-quality seed stock with a guaranteed low incidence of disease is the first step to success. Read More
2016 Florida Ag Expo tomato variety field tour
CEU Series
December 1, 2016
CEU Series: Back A United Front To Fight And Defeat Pests
Coordination and integration are key factors to any successful crop protection battle plan. Read More
November 18, 2016
USDA Awards $9.4M For Pest Management
Projects aim to reduce pests, weeds, and diseases on farms through IPM. Read More
2015 Florida Ag Expo tomato breeding field tour row perspective
CEU Series
November 1, 2016
CEU Series: Learning About Pesticide Resistance Is Anything But Futile
A proactive approach using all applicable IPM tactics is the most effective way to avoid this persistent problem. Read More
Apples & Pears
October 30, 2016
New Project Targets BMSB – Sustainably
Armed with a $3.7 million grant, North Carolina State University researchers have the brown marmorated stink bug, which has been found in 43 states, in their cross hairs. Read More
UF/IFAS developmental biologist Dennis Gray looks at the progress of grapevines in a vineyard.
CEU Series
October 1, 2016
CEU Series: Improve Your Integrated Pest Management Plan
Balance in cultural, biological, and chemical procedures can not only be effective, but also economically feasible. Read More
The Latest
September 19, 2017
Precision in Specialty Crops Gains Momen…
Here are some of the key drivers that may transform your farm in the years ahead. Read More
September 19, 2017
EPA Mulls Restricting Dicamba Use
Proposal is a part of agency’s focus on reducing herbicide injury in vulnerable crops. Read More
September 19, 2017
Washington State University Creates BMSB…
As populations grow in the state, university offers growers pest management advice. Read More
September 19, 2017
UC Davis Strawberry Lawuit Settled
Former university breeders to return any crosses that used unpatented varieties and agree the school owns rights to them. Read More
September 19, 2017
Hopes High for Hops Fresh From Florida
When it comes to alternative crop solutions, something good is brewing in the Sunshine State. Do you have what it takes to tap in? Read More
Apples & Pears
September 16, 2017
Researcher Finds Bacteria Can Stop Blue …
The natural bacterium found in soil can survive in cold storage; this promising biocontrol offers an alternative to chemical treatments. Read More
Disease Control
September 15, 2017
Scientist Uncovers Chilling Side of Dead…
Lab tests indicate laurel wilt pathogen grows faster in the fall and winter. Read More
September 15, 2017
Help Extended to Hurricane-Weary Farmers…
USDA chief grants extra time and special procedures to document and file claims. Read More
September 13, 2017
New Guidance on FSMA Ag Water Compliance…
FDA issued a rule to extend compliance dates for agricultural water and announced a start date for farm inspections. Read More
Biocontrols Conference
September 13, 2017
Get Better Results From Your Biopesticid…
Softer crop protection programs are becoming a must in specialty crop production. Growers who aren’t learning more about their options Read More
September 13, 2017
Florida Farmers Digging out From Impacts…
Damage reports starting to flood in from the field following monster storm, and it's not pretty. Read More
September 13, 2017
550 Pounds of Tomatoes Stolen from Massa…
Community farm in Waltham, MA, has been hit by a thief three years running. Read More
September 12, 2017
Longtime American Fruit Grower Columnist…
“The Ole Crow,” as he called himself, passed away unexpectedly at home in Virginia at the age of 82. Read More
September 12, 2017
How to Match Drip Irrigation to Improve …
Using root mass diameter to appropriately determine wetting pattern will help you improve growth rate and yields. Read More
September 12, 2017
Heat Wave Leads to Early Winegrape Harve…
Ask any winegrape grower to describe the grape harvest in Sonoma County and you typically hear “harvest time is like Read More
September 12, 2017
Walnut Crop Expected to be Down 5%
While wet California winter was welcome to growers, some orchards were flooded, compromising root systems. Read More
Biocontrols Conference
September 11, 2017
The Grower’s Take: Citrus, HLB, and Biol…
Uncle Matt’s Organic orange juice brand has enjoyed steady growth since its 2002 inception. The brand’s success is due to Read More
Farm Management
September 10, 2017
$3 Million Available to Train Future Agr…
There are a lot more jobs being created than there are graduates with bachelor’s or higher degrees who can fill them. Read More