2013 Hydroponic Greenhouse Crop Production Intensives

The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is slated to host the Annual Intensive Greenhouse Crop Production Course on January 2-9. The emphasis of the session will be placed on greenhouse hydroponic production of tomato and lettuce, and sessions will be led by three instructors, Dr. Pat Rorabaugh, tomato and hydroponic specialist, Mr. Myles Lewis, award-winning production business specialist, and Dr. Merle Jensen, guest lecturer and Controlled Environment Agriculture consultant.

The program, put on by the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the university, will have a concentrated class agenda with hands-on sessions, round-table question-and-answer style discussions, and a spotlight on design and operations hosted by practicing greenhouse engineers. In addition, marketing lessons from one of the region’s best farmer’s markets will be a highlight.

For more information, go to http://ag.arizona.edu/ceac/.

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