Automatic Transplanter Makes Its U.S. Debut

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Automatic Transplanter Makes Its U.S. Debut

Oxbo International Corp. is the U.S. distributor for the Ferrari Futura automatic transplanter. Getting good plant establishments is critical and this transplanter is said to relieve the pressures of labor supply and management.

Ferrari began developing an automatic transplanter in 1998. The unit has since gone into production and dozens of machines have been supplied around the world. The Futura transplanter can adapt to nearly any commercially available plug tray, as opposed to some other concepts which require proprietary growing systems. The machine gently removes plugs from trays using an optical scanner, which also scans for blanks. The Futura places the plugs in cells that transfer the plugs to the shoe. Plug tray blanks are avoided and bypassed in the planting process, eliminating skips in the field.  

For more information, contact Oxbo International at 800-836-4336;

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