Crop Protection 2009: Crop Nutrition

Crop Protection 2009: Crop Nutrition

Agro-K Corp.

The Vigor-Phos product line was re-named Sysstem to more accurately reflect the unique benefits of the systemic phosphite-based foliar nutrient products. The product labels Sysstem-Cal, Sysstem-Zinc, Sysstem-Mag, Sysstem-Manganese, and Sysstem-K were introduced into Eastern markets in 2008 and will be expanded to Western markets in 2009. By linking nutrients (calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and potassium), to the phosphite ion, nutrients are more rapidly taken up through plant tissue, actively translocated, and highly systemic within the plant.

Because these products are true nutrient based phosphites, growers can more effectively target applica-tion timing of each nutrient to its peak demand window in the crop and to the needs of each different cropping system. The Sysstem has and will continue to assist growers in maximizing crop quality and sustainable yields.

NutriAg, Ltd.
NutriAg Ltd. has released its NanoMax Line, a line of carbohydrate-based chelated micronutrients; Phyto Line, plant activators; BB5 Ultra, spray adjuvants; and Smart Soil, soil conditioners. The carbohydrates in these products all originate from ingredients of plant origin.

Carbohydrates are produced naturally by plants during photosynthesis and are preferentially absorbed when applied, which allows the micronutrients to be rapidly taken up and metabolized by the plant. With the plant activators in Phyto Line, the carbohydrates selected will enhance certain metabolic pathways, activating the plant’s internal defense mechanism. Smart Soil is used to remediate low organic matter soils, and helps improve the carbon/nitrogen ratio.

Bio-Forge from StollerUSA received the Frost &Sullivan North America Agricultural Sciences Green Excellence of the Year Award. The Frost & Sullivan award is presented annually to the company that demonstrates excellence in product advancement and technologies within their industry. Bio-Forge is an antioxidant with growth enhancing cofactors that work with the plant’s natural ability to overcome toxins and increase resistance to insects and diseases.