Dow AgroSciences Makes Donation To Citrus Industry

Dow AgroSciences Makes Donation To Citrus Industry

Dow AgroSciences recently donated $10,000 to the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) to help fund research for the control of citrus greening. The donation also will help fund studies approved by the Florida Citrus Research Production Advisory Council and Florida Citrus Industry Research Coordinating Council.


“We greatly appreciate the contribution that Dow AgroSciences has made to the citrus industry,” says Tom Jerkins, president of the CRDF and vice president of Blue Goose Growers out of Fort Pierce, FL. “If we can get other companies to step up like Dow AgroSciences did, then it will greatly help citrus growers.

The donation was made by Dow AgroSciences at the Florida Citrus Show in Fort Pierce. It is the first private donation made to the CRDF, which is funded predominately by producers. Jerkins says the goal of the foundation is to further research for the control of citrus greening. “Citrus greening is the major issue in Florida right now,” Jerkins says. “It is an existential threat to the industry. We’ve got a three- to five-year window to find a solution. If the industry survives, then hopefully our affiliated industries will prosper as well.”

"Dow AgroSciences is fully committed to helping the citrus industry receive the tools necessary to succeed,” says Dr. Jim Dripps, global spinetoram biology team leader for Dow AgroSciences. “We are working hard to give the citrus producers of Florida every pest management advantage possible.”