Equipment Profiles: Mid-Size Field Tractors

Equipment Profiles: Mid-Size Field Tractors

Ready For The Field


New Holland – T4000 Series

New Holland’s versatile new 64- to 95-horsepower T4000 Series are small, highly maneuverable utility tractors packed with features that increase productivity for all types of field operations.

•  All T4000 Series tractors are powered by Tier III emissions-compliant four-cylinder engines. The engines are turbocharged and intercooled for maximum fuel efficiency, and are approved for use with B100 biodiesel fuel meeting ASTM 6751 standards. A low 2300-rpm-rated engine speed reduces noise, vibration, and engine wear.

•  T4000 Series tractors are available with a choice of two- and four-wheel drive or New Holland’s exclusive SuperSteer axle. The optional SuperSteer front axle, available on the T4030 and T4050, offers a super-tight turning angle that saves time during every pass since there’s no need to back up or “swing wide” to make a turn.

•  Standard T4000 Series equipment includes a fully-independent 540-rpm power take-off (PTO) with flip-up safety shield. A new, independent 540/1000 RPM shiftable PTO with interchangeable shafts is available on the T4040 and T4050 as an option to power bigger implements with a small, easy to maneuver tractor.

•  A new CANbus electrical system provides greater reliability and troubleshooting ease. Improvements include on-board diagnostics, a heavier key switch, solid power shuttle engagement, and new sealed contactless switches for seat and park brake.


John Deere 5403 Series

The Deere 5403 series ranges from 45- to 99-horsepower and feature 2.9 liter PowerTech engines for good torque and power suited for many types of jobs. 

•  Two transmission types are available: 9F/3R SyncReverser for two-wheel drive and 9F/3R SyncShuttle for four-wheel drive. The transmissions allow for in-line synchronized shuttle shift of nine forward and three reverse speeds, so operators can easily switch directions without stopping the tractor between shifts.

•  Straddle-mount seat makes for easy entry and exit of the vehicle and makes for clearer visibility.

•  The series uses a turbocharged engine that meets Tier II EPA emissions requirements. All models comply with the EPA’s non-road emission regulations.

•  An open-center hydraulic system provides excellent flow for running implements. Four-wheel drive models feature a heavy-duty front axle with a turn angle and slip design to increase drawbar pull and improves traction in slick conditions.

Case IH Puma Series

Case IH has expanded the Puma Series tractors to include eight models. Four long wheel base models lead the pack with 135 to 180 PTO hp (100.7 to 134.2 kW), and four new short wheel base models extend efficiency to operators requiring a utility workhorse in the 95 to 135 PTO hp (70.8 to 100.7 kW) range.

• All Puma engines are Tier III-certified, turbocharged, and air-to-air intercooled. A Full-authority, four-valve, common-rail, electronic fuel-injection system provides maximum efficiency for the lowest possible operating costs. Up to 35-hp (26.1 kW) power boost (Puma 165, Puma 180, and Puma 195) is available for both PTO and transport, allowing you to move through tough crop conditions and up steep grades without losing speed or productivity.

• The standard 18 x 6 full powershift transmission utilizes a patented torque-sensing system on the tractor flywheel, measuring engine speed and transmission torque loading. The transmission changes speed depending on engine rpm, transmission loading, and forward speed. It ensures maximum tractor efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

• A suspended front axle (Puma 115-Puma 155) utilizes automatic self-leveling and controlled shock dampening technology for superior ride and traction. Puma 165-210 models incorporate Smart Suspension MFD axle technology that reacts based on speed and severity of the drop or bump.

• Optional Turn Assist steering system accelerates turning action while minimizing steering effort for rapid “lock-to-lock” steering response and less fatigue during loader work and jobs that require frequent end-of-row turns.

Valtra A Series

The Valtra A Series features new engines designed to run cleaner and quieter. The tractors come in two-and four-wheel drive and are designed to be more fuel efficient.

•  Tier III engines feature an air-to-air intercooler and a new, smaller, and more efficient air filter above the radiator.

•  All A Series tractors have B20 biodiesel-friendly engines.

•  Comfortable cab with driver’s armrest joystick controls come standard.

•  Fully synchronized 12F+12R transmission with forward/reverse shuttle. Optional HiShift button eliminates the need to depress the clutch pedal when shifting gears or direction.