Fluctuating Weather Causing Major Headaches In PA

Fluctuating Weather Causing Major Headaches In PA

Apple Scab


Pennsylvania growers attending the season’s first twilight orchard meeting in Biglerville last week no doubt left with their heads spinning at the potential for disease facing them. Whether it was apple scab. powdery mildew, fire blight, or rust, conditions called for a chance of anything.

Fortunately, there was plenty of advice to go around. Dr. Keith Yoder, professor of plant pathology at Virgina Tech University, was on hand to suggest ways growers could scout, use prediction models, and make preventative sprays — whatever it takes to ward off the threat of damage.

Check out the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Fruit Times web site (http://extension.psu.edu/fruit-times) to keep up with the latest conditions and recommendations. Even if you’re not in Pennsylvania, chances are there will be useful information for your own orchard.