GPS Barcode Printer

A GPS printer solution from Advanced Traceability Solutions and ScoringAg, Inc. is designed for site-specific label generation. The system includes a PDA with GPS functionality, a secure label design and printing software, a mobile thermal printer for in-field labeling and tagging, ScoringAg database for records and real time traceback verification, and durable labels and tags with unique traceback.

The GPS printer prints durable labels and tags on-demand with comprehensive information. The label or tag produced by the GPS printer contains a unique code such as SSI-EID traceback code that allows the traceback and trace-up of any food commodity from end to end, while recording every constituent who was involved with an accompanying date and time stamp. Working in conjunction with Scoring System’s web-based traceback solution, the GPS printer solution facilitates quick isolation of lots and locations when a contamination incident occurs leading to rapid traceback remedies. As a result, risk is reduced and losses are minimized. The price of the PDA and printer is $2,304.

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