Healthy Harvest

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Healthy Harvest

8101 MRW ACcentuate 
Early Excursion Excursion II 

Abbott & Cobb, Inc offers some hybrid vegetables that are resistant to disease and will help growers have a healthy harvest. A hybrid sh2 white sweet corn, Summer Sweet Variety #8101MRW, is resistant to multiple races of rust and northern corn leaf blight, and is tolerant to Stewart’s Wilt. A yellow sweet corn variety, ACcentuate, is tolerant to northern and southern corn leaf blight, as well as Stewart’s Wilt, and is resistant to Rp1D rust.

In the pepper department, dark green Excursion II (ACX 248) is tolerant to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3, tobacco mosaic virus, and potato virus Y. Excursion II produces extra-large blocky  fruit with thick walls. The newest release in hybrid peppers, Early Excursion (ACX 270), is tolerant to the same problems as Excursion II.

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