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Irrigation Products

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Precision Irrigation: VRI For Site-Specific Applications
Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Valley Irrigation is designed to put growers’ irrigation management decisions into action improving efficiency, lowering production costs, and potentially increasing profitability. This patented, variable rate irrigation zone control optimally matches the pivot’s water application rate to specific field conditions.

Valley VRI technology offers irrigation prescriptions to match your other variable rate practices, choices of Valley VRI Speed Control or Valley VRI Zone Control, precision variable rate application of water and nutrients, and higher yield potential with lower input costs.

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LF Series Sprinkler
The LF Series sprinkler from Rain Bird provides the precise irrigation required to promote germination of vegetable seeds. Water droplets that resemble rain are disbursed in a gentle fan pattern that minimizes seed displacement and soil compaction. The high uniformity and application efficiency of the LF sprinkler decreases replanting and yields more uniform stands of high-quality produce. In addition to higher yields, more efficient irrigation also decreases the total volume of water that must be pumped, providing a reduction in operating costs.

The LF Series sprinkler features color coded, interchangeable nozzles and deflectors that provide easy reconfigurations in sprinkler performance in response to changes in head or lateral spacing. Superior wind resistance is achieved via lower operating pressures, uniform droplets, and low angle trajectories.

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RPM Preferred with Touchscreen Technology
Reinke Manufacturing, Inc.’s new RPM Preferred with Touch Technology, is an innovative touch screen panel that fits into the existing Reinke Precision Management (RPM) line of control panel technology.

The RPM Preferred Touchscreen Panel has added a whole new level of accuracy coupled with simplicity that will allow growers to achieve their uniformity and yield goals, says Ken Goodall, Reinke sales and marketing support manager.

This product is designed to make for a faster and more intuitive process for such irrigation operations. Implemented short cuts provide the control panel user with immediate access for programming end guns, phase converters, chemical pumps, well pumps and auxiliaries. User customization capabilities also allow for ease of tailoring water and chemical applications to match slope and soil conditions.

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Aqua-Traxx With The PBX Advantage 
Premium drip tape, Aqua-Traxx with the PBX Advantage from Toro, offers unmatched precision, according to the company. With options ranging from 4 to 24 inches, growers can select the emitter spacing and flow rates that work best for their soil type, crop, and application needs.

The advanced flowpath design helps reduce clogging. PBX flowpath requires only 140-mesh filtration.

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R33 Rotator
The R33 Rotator from Nelson Irrigation is designed to save money, time, and offer better performance than the 3/4-inch brass impact sprinklers. Created as an upgrade to replace the Nelson F33 brass sprinkler, the R33 uses Nelson’s proven Rotator Technology to offer longer throw distance, fight the wind better, and deliver uniform coverage.

With new advancements in speed control, the design allows the sprinkler to move from a slow mode back to a fast mode throughout its rotation. By reducing the speed of rotation intermittently, the R33 produces a wind-fighting pattern with maximum throw distance. The fast mode also assists in filling out the water pattern for greater uniformity.

The R33 is also available in a low pressure model (the R33LP). Both are suitable for permanent-set, portable-pipe and wheelline applications for all type of crops, including vegetables and tree and vine crops.

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Universal Pivot Products Platform
Senninger Irrigation introduces its UP3 (Universal Pivot Products Platform). The new features of this design have been applied to the proven technologies of the i-Wob, Xi-Wob and LDN.

To clean or change, just pinch and pull to remove the nozzle, and place and click to re-install. Cleaning and changing nozzles is virtually one handed, as there is no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler. The UP3 nozzle sizes are easily identifiable with color-coding and embossing on the ears, including half sizes (orifice diameters in 128th of an inch increments). This same nozzle is universal to the i-Wob, Xi-Wob and LDN sprinklers.

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FieldNET Mobile
FieldNET Mobile, pivot control for smartphones, has recently been introduced by Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic® irrigation systems. The new feature allows growers to fully control and monitor their irrigation pivots anywhere through the convenience of smartphones.

“FieldNET Mobile provides a labor-saving innovation with the convenience of web-enabled phones,” says Reece Andrews, GrowSmartâ„¢ product manager at Lindsay. “With full control and monitoring from anywhere, growers are more efficient with their time and always know the status of their irrigation systems.”

FieldNET Mobile’s graphical interface supports most industry-leading smartphones, including the iPhone®, Droid® and BlackBerry®, according to Andrews.

FieldNET is an award-winning web-based irrigation management system. With the addition of FieldNET Mobile, growers can view the current status of all their pivots in one list, receive system alerts, arrange pivots by predefined groups, view water usage reports and receive a history of pivot runtimes.

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Drip Tape, Driplines
John Deere Water, a unit of Deere & Company, is now one of the largest irrigation companies in the world, providing precision irrigation systems in more than 100 countries. The company supplies a variety of products to vegetable producers including drip tape and drip lines.

The company supplies T-Tape, RO-DRIP, Hydrodrip, and Hydrolite drip tape. The drip lines available include Hydro PC, Hydro PCND, and Hydrogol.

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