Learning From A Legend

Learning From A Legend

George Tanimura, the patriarch of the Tanimura family and co-chairman of the board for Salinas, CA-based vegetable producing giant Tanimura & Antle, has had a positive influence on many people he has worked with over the years. Some credit him as a great source of information about agriculture.


Here are comments from people who have had a chance to work with Mr. Tanimura over the years and some of the lessons they have learned.

“My father and George Tanimura have been the most influential people in my success. I learned from George to always think positively and never think negatively. This is simple to say, but George actually lives this way. He once told me to try and learn something new every day so my mind will stay strong. This I try to do!”

Linda Lu
Three Shine Trading
Taipei, Taiwan

“George has an awesome knowledge of farming and the produce industry. He is forthright, patient, and generous with farming techniques. It’s been a great experience working with George the last 28 years.”

Bill Moresco
a grower for Tanimura & Antle

“I would like to make a comment on the work ethic of that great human being, George Tanimura.

Twenty years ago, I was an avid duck hunter and I used to go to Los Banos (California) and eat every Tuesday night at a restaurant called Wool Growers. I didn’t usually get there until between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Almost inevitably, George would be sitting in that restaurant as he was driving home from his duties in Huron.

I am not the youngest guy in the world and neither is George. Twenty years ago I was an old guy and George was quite a bit older. My point is that he has never stopped working. He didn’t fly an airplane, he drove back and forth from Huron to Salinas.

He is the toughest as they come, a man with a good heart and duplication would be impossible.”

John Andreini
Andreini & Company

“George and I were in China on business. George wanted to see the Great Wall and it wasn’t too far away. About half way up to the summit, I asked George if he needed help going the rest of the way. He looked at me and said, ‘Thanks but I want to be able to do this on my own.’ He was 84 years old. That day I understood the real meaning of the word determination.”

Chuck Schreiber
Tanimura & Antle

“I met George Tanimura in the summer of 1972 or 1973. I was with an accounting firm in Phoenix, AZ, and we were doing some work for the Harris organization near Coalinga, CA. George was just starting to grow lettuce in Huron, and I think this was his first crop. He was looking for an area that would fill the gap between Salinas and the Desert.

There were three or four of us and we were in Coalinga for several weeks and we were staying at the Cambridge Motor Inn. It was the best place in town but it was pretty basic. The main advantage to the Cambridge was a cocktail lounge. Usually after dinner there was a poker game. George nearly always won the most money.

In the ensuing 38 or 39 years, I have been partners and friends with George. I have never met a man with so much that was so humble. I am proud to have known him this many years and am extremely proud to have him as a friend. I have learned much from George and I admire him greatly.”

Don Devine
Harris Ranch



“George is one of the best men I have dealt with. He has great integrity and makes the people around him better. You can make a deal with George on a handshake and feel comfortable with it. At an age when most are retired, George is very much in the game and has fun at it. His love for agriculture and the land stand out to me. He does not get ruffled when faced with adversity as was demonstrated with the home fire he dealt with awhile back. He is a model for all of us.”

Lou Huntington