Millions Awarded For Plant Research By USDA

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced more than $7 million in grants for research on the biology of plant processes and traits which can be used to breed crops with enhanced value and resilience to climate stress. The research will increase understanding of plant biology from genome to the field, and provide a foundation for the development of plant varieties with increased yield, reduced production cost, and enhanced quality and nutritional value.

The grants are awarded by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (previously the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service) under the new Agriculture and Food Research Initiative program to provide funding for fundamental and applied research, extention, and education to address food and agricultural sciences.

The following received grants:

  • University of California, Davis $448,000
  • University of California, Davis $447,000
  • University of California, Riverside $1,000,000
  • USDA ARS Small Grains and Potato Germplasm Unit, $450,000
  • Purdue University, $997,000
  • Kansas State University, $441,000
  • University of Kentucky, $150,000
  • Michigan State University, $450,000
  • University of Minnesota, $449,000
  • University of Minnesota, $448,000
  • University of Nebraska, $282,000
  • Cornell University, $1,000,000
  • Oregon State University, $448,000
  • USDA FS Pacific Northwest Research Station, $454,545

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