Minimizing Disease, And Costs, In Frost-Damaged Cherry Orchards

Cherry leaf spot

Cherry leaf spot must still be managed in tart cherry orchards in 2012, according to Michigan State University plant pathologists George Sundin and Nikki Rothwell. “In a year with no crop, cherry leaf spot management remains important because if left uncontrolled, the major effects of this disease are on overall tree health and the potential for winter injury and tree death,” the researchers note. Without a crop, they suggest that growers focus on using broad-spectrum fungicides for long-term resistance management of other resistance-risk fungicides.

A complete report from Sundin and Rothwell can be found by clicking here.

In addition to cherry leaf spot, Sundin and Rothwell say that powdery mildew still needs to be controlled in years with a light crop. The most important spray timing for powdery mildew control is the first cover timing, or the first spray application after shuck split.

For their complete powdery mildew report, click here.

Finally, Rothwell has recently posted a report on how to minimize costs in frost-damaged orchards. You can read that report by clicking here.

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