New Melon, Bean, And Corn Varieties From Abbott & Cobb

New Melon, Bean, And Corn Varieties From Abbott & Cobb

XLT 9000


A Premium hybrid non-slip melon from Abbott & Cobb, XLT® 9000 has a robust internal color and superior quality. With dark-orange flesh and high Brix, this large melon has a very long shelf life. A tight cavity and dense flesh make for a higher recovery. 9000 is ideal for fresh cut and retail markets.

A sweet, tender hybrid melon with light- to medium-green flesh is SummerDew® #252HQ. A round to short oval, this honeydew weighs in between 6 to 7 pounds and is a mid to late maturing variety. #252HQ is known for its sturdiness under a variety of growing conditions.

In the bean category, Terminator grows on a large, strong plant and produces straight and smooth dark-green pods. With a maturity of 55 days, this bean has fresh looking pods with good holding ability and disease tolerance.

A bicolor variety from the *SSW® series, Summer SWeet MultiGlowTM 2012MR grows on a medium-sized plant with good vigor and emergence. Boasting early maturity and main-season performance, 2012MR has a solid husk package and disease tolerance.

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