New Salad Lovers’ Website

New Salad Lovers’ Website

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Dole is providing the nation’s salad lovers with a members only, online place to swap recipes, receive money saving offers, plan the ultimate salad party and interact with food experts.

Membership to the new club is free and open to anyone with a healthy interest in salads.

Dole Salad Circle, part of the Salad’tude initiative created in 2012 by Dole Fresh Vegetables to widen the public’s salad horizons, officially launched this week as a separate, gated app on the DOLE Salads Facebook page, which is followed by more than 285,000 active, salad-loving fans.

Commencing this week, salad eaters who register for membership of the circle will receive insider access to salad themed information, merchandise and offers not available on to the usual web followers.

The special perks include the chance to download new recipes created by experts and fellow members, online communication with experts and dieticians, latest food research information, the opportunity to be amongst the first to taste new Dole products and access to offers and money saving coupons.

The salad circle is designed to be an updated extension to the monthly salad e-newsletter that the company send out. “Our goal is for this destination to become the public’s go-to source and interactive forum for anything and everything related to salad,” said Chris Mayhew, Dole Fresh Vegetables marketing director.

Circle members will also have access to a separate section will offer them help and guidance in planning and hosting the ultimate salad celebration. This focuses on the wholesome indulgence and social nature of salad making. Members are invited to share their salad party photographs on the website.

To join Dole Salad Circle, go to