Online Exclusive: Mapping Social Media

The foundation of Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ marketing plan is to first determine, though consumer research, what the end consumer desires when they purchase any of the company’s fresh commodities. In general, consumers are seeking excellent quality, taste, and convenience. They are also looking for new ways to prepare foods using Duda’s products.

According to Nichole Towell, Duda’s marketing director, social media offers a direct and relatively inexpensive way to reach the targeted consumer, who is primarily female. Women more frequently converse online, share recipes, coupons, and other information with their online networks. Our goal is to connect with these consumers before they purchase to entice them to try our products (social media presence), at the point of purchase (mobile marketing), and after the purchase (through their taste experience and again with social media presence) to drive repeat purchases. Social media outlets also help drive consumers to the stores in which Duda Farm Fresh products are sold, and promote the Duda Farm Fresh Foods brand.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods connects with consumers via its website,; a mobile website,; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, the company reaches out to food bloggers whose third party endorsements of products are valued by their followers. Advertising also is placed online.

“In-store merchandising is still a key part of the comprehensive marketing plan and includes great attention to product packaging,” says Towell. “Packaging must not only maintain the quality and freshness of our products, but also be visually appealing, offer nutritional information, tips on storage and preparation, and our website address for more useful tips and recipes.”

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