Online Exclusive: Potential New Uses For Insect Control Products

Online Exclusive: Potential New Uses For Insect Control Products

The following list includes some of the pest control products that have been introduced in recent years as well as information on some not-so-new crop protection materials that may have some new uses for vegetable growers. The full list, which includes possible new uses for other specialty crops, can be found on the here.


To see new insect control products and label changes that took place in 2008,



Active Ingredient

Pending new uses

Assail 70 WP United Phosphorus, Inc.   acetamiprid  Greenhouse tomato, asparagus
Belt, Synapse Bayer CropScience  flubendiamide  Brassica leafy vegetables, sweet corn, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables 
Trigard Syngenta Crop Protection cyromazine  Snap bean
Fujimite Nichino  fenpyroximate  Fruiting vegetables, melon, okra 
Beleaf FMC Corp.  flonicamid  Cilantro, okra, root and tuber vegetables, tuberous and corm vegetables, turnip greens, strawberry 
Avaunt DuPont Crop Protection  indoxacarb  Dry and snap beans, Brassica leafy subgroup, turnip greens 
Warrior Syngenta Crop Protection  lambda-cyhalothrin  Asparagus, root and tuber vegetables, spinach 
S-1812 Valent  pyridalyl  Organophosphate alternative; fruiting vegetables, Brassica leafy vegetables, turnip greens, leafy vegetables 
Triad Environmental Safe Systems  Sodium metasilicate  Biopesticide; Brassica leafy vegetables, leafy vegetables 
Knack, Distance, Esteem, Seize Valent  pyriproxyfen  Artichoke, asparagus, bulb vegetables, celery, greenhouse pepper, greenhouse tomato, herb subgroup, leafy vegetable group, root and tuber vegetables, watercress