Online Exclusive: Recent Herbicide Updates

• BASF Kixor Herbicide Receives EPA Approval

EPA has registered a new active ingredient, BASF’s Kixor (saflufenacil) herbicide, for use on a wide range of crops and effective on more than 70 broadleaf weeds.

Kixor’s chemistry inhibits a key step in chlorophyll biosynthesis, resulting in fast control of broadleaf weeds.

Treevix herbicide, powered by Kixor, is designed for directed, postemergence applications in bearing and nonbearing tree crops (citrus fruit, pome fruit, and nuts). It is a tree-safe, non-volatile herbicide.

BASF’s OpTill herbicide uses Kixor technology for burndown and residual weed control in chickpeas and dry field peas when applied preplant through preemergence.

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• Two New DuPont Herbicides Approved

DuPont has received federal registration approval from EPA for two corn herbicides: Accent Q and Steadfast Q, both containing the active ingredient nicosulfuron. Both new herbicides provide your corn growers with the flexibility to make applications under more diverse weather conditions, across more hybrids, and with a wider range of adjuvants.

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• Gowan Launches Vida Herbicide

Gowan Co., LLC has launched Vida herbicide under a marketing agreement with Nichino America, Inc. Vida contains the active ingredient pyraflufen-ethyl.

Effective immediately Gowan Company will market the herbicide in the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, Midwest, and Northeastern U.S. Vida is a highly effective broadleaf herbicide currently registered for use in burndown, postemerge corn, soybeans, wheat, and potato desiccation segments. There is minimal soil residual with this product allowing for favorable plant back intervals when used as a burndown treatment prior to planting.

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• Pruvin Herbicide From MANA

MANA Crop Protection introduces Pruvin rimsulfuron herbicide for control of some of the toughest broadleaf and grass challenges to vegetables, fruit, tree, nut and vine crops, field corn, and non-crop areas.

Pruvin is quickly absorbed through roots and foliage of selective weeds, rapidly inhibiting growth. The residual control helps save the time and expense of additional passes across the field.

Pruvin can be applied to tomatoes and potatoes in preemergence, postemergence, or split applications. According to Dave Downing, senior marketing manager for MANA herbicides, Pruvin is not a restricted-use product. The preharvest intervals are a three to 14 days, depending on the crop.
In addition, Downing says the herbicide “can be used alone or in combination with other labeled soil residual and burndown products, which can extend the residual activity, broaden the weed spectrum targeted, and improve control of susceptible weeds.”

Pruvin is a good choice for weed control in established permanent crops such as grapes, stone fruit, tree nuts, apples, and citrus.

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• Burndown Herbicide From Marrone Organic Innovations Gets The Nod In California

GreenMatch (d-limonene or extract of citrus) burndown herbicide is now available in California for use in organic crops. From Marrone Organic Innovations, GreenMatch meets the requirements of the National Organic Program for use in organic agriculture and is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. It has a full EPA registration for crop and non-crop application.

GreenMatch is a post-emergence, non-selective organic herbicide that contains extract of citrus as well as other plant extracts and surfactants. GreenMatch kills the weeds by stripping the wax off the leaves of the plants, causing weeds to rapidly shrivel and die, appearing “burned down.”

It is said to be fast-acting, easy to apply, and active on a broad spectrum of weeds. This new tool provides organic growers with a viable alternative to costly hand weeding, flame weeding, mowing and cultivating in their battle to control weeds, according to the company. GreenMatch is non-selective, and controls most annual and perennial weeds, both grasses and broadleaves.

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• Nufarm Expands Glyphosate Portfolio

EPA has issued a Section 3 registration for Nufarm Americas’ Credit Xtreme herbicide, a new high-load glyphosate formulation. Credit Xtreme features Dual Salt Technology, a patented blend of potassium and IPA glyphosate salts developed by Nufarm. This technology is said to make Credit Xtreme the only Roundup equivalent formulation load offering 4.5 pounds of glyphosate acid per gallon in a fully loaded product. The product is labeled on a variety of vegetable crops.

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• Expanded Registration Of Callisto Herbicide

In 2009, Callisto (mesotrione) herbicide from Syngenta Crop Protection will be available for use in 14 additional crops for its first full-use season since receiving EPA registration on these crops last spring. Growers can now use Callisto for broadleaf weed control and crop safety in asparagus and a variety of other crops.

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• Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. Purchases Assets

Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. purchased the linuron herbicide assets from DuPont Crop Protection. Linuron herbicide is marketed globally under the DuPont Lorox and Linex brands, as well as several associated mixture trademarks.

• United Phosphorus, Inc. Granted A Special Local Needs Label Registration

United Phosphorus, Inc. has been granted a Special Local Needs Label registration for TriCor DF (metribuzin) herbicide on potatoes in Idaho.

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