Planting Options

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Planting Options

Starco Manufacturing offers an improved version of its Milton planter. Called the Milton N precision planter, this unit is narrower yet offers the same accuracy and versatility, according to the company. The Milton N can plant 8-inch rows on a single toolbar or 4-inch rows on a double tool bar.

Like the original Milton Precision planter, the unit uses interchangeable seed wheels and drive gears. The planter can seed virtually all small-seeded crops and is said to be suited for growers looking to increase their yield without increasing their acreage.

To ensure the seeds are uniformly covered, the unit uses one of eight different pack wheels to firm the seeds in just about any soil type or condition. This planter automatically meters seeds at varying ground speeds, which eliminates skipped and damaged seeds.

The heavy-gauge steel discs open a clean furrow. Then the seeds are placed using a process of carrying each seed on a custom-machined seed wheel that rotates inside a formed downspout, delivering each seed into the furrow at a specific depth.

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