Product Profiles: Pest And Disease Help

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Serenade Soil

Serenade Soil is a soil fungicide based on AgraQuest’s patented active ingredient, Bacillus subtilis QST 713. Serenade Soil is designed to protect growers from profit-robbing diseases like Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, and Phytophthora in potatoes, tomatoes, and cucurbits. Used at planting, Serenade Soil builds a disease protection zone in the soil around young seedlings and transplants, quickly colonizes roots, and develops a beneficial living armor around roots, and is proven to produce stronger, healthier, higher yielding plants. Trial demos in potatoes have shown that Serenade Soil when used at planting resulted in yield increases of 2 to 4 tons per acre, while similar trials in tomatoes have shown yield increases of 9% to 15%.
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Treevix Herbicide

BASF’s Treevix herbicide was designed for directed, postemergence applications in a variety of tree fruit (citrus and pome) and nut crops. Research has confirmed its ability to control more than 60 broadleaf weeds with excellent tree safety. When tank-mixed with glyphosate, Treevix offers a more effective weed-control program, resulting in the kind of clean groves you can take pride in. Treevix offers flexibility because there is no preharvest interval for citrus and fruit trees. Key features include: fast, complete broadleaf weed control; nonvolatility; and application timing flexibility.

Treevix is powered by Kixor herbicide technology. The chemistry in Kixor is formulated to drive a new kind of foliar and soil activity to battle tough weeds.
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SoilGard Fungicide

Manufactured by Certis USA, SoilGard is a preventive fungicide for damping off and root rot diseases, such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Sclerotinia, and Phytophthora in vegetable and melon crops. Gliocladium virens GL-21, the active ingredient in SoilGard, is a naturally occurring soil fungus that parasitizes plant pathogenic fungi. The SoilGard fungus also is aggressive. It can outcompete the pathogenic fungi for nutrients and living space in the soil of your crop. As a result, SoilGard can prevent or delay the reestablishment of the disease-causing fungi. SoilGard has a zero hour re-entry and pre harvest interval. It can be used on conventional and organic crops.
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DES-X Insecticidal Soap Concentrate

DES-X from Certis USA is a low-odor, non-flammable insecticidal soap that controls insect and mite pests on contact. It employs a proprietary formulation that allows it to spread easily and more completely on plant surfaces. Its active ingredients are specially selected fatty acid salts (soaps) that penetrate the body of pests and result in rapid death. DES-X controls insects and mites by disrupting membrane and cellular function. It is effective against the adult, larval, and nymph stages of pests. Pupal stages of some pests (e.g. whitefly) also may be affected. DES-X may be used in conventionally or organically grown strawberries, tomatoes, sweet corn, and vegetables.
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Intrepid 2F Insecticide

The EPA has accepted 24(c) Special Local Need registration in Florida for Dow AgroSciences’ Intrepid 2F insecticide. The supplemental labeling provides citrus producers with another weapon in the fight against citrus leafminer. Trials conducted in Lake Alfred, FL, have shown Intrepid 2F to be very effective against this costly pest. In 2009, zero citrus leafminer larvae were present 14 days after an airblast application of the product. Untreated trees averaged 18.8 citrus leafminer larvae per 10 flushes. Rotation of Delegate WG (spinetoram), a Group 5 insecticide, and Intrepid 2F (methoxyfenozide), a Group 18 insecticide, can help limit the effectiveness of harmful insects and reduce resistance.
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