Product Protection

Product Protection

Dealing with a produce recall is not a pleasant task for any grower, to say the least. Unfortunately, at press time we are in the midst of another produce crisis involving tomatoes tainted with Salmonella. The fruit in question have been removed from many retail outlets, and many in the foodservice industry removed them from their menus in the states that have been impacted by the outbreak.


Not only does a produce recall involve a time-consuming process to determine the source of contamination, but growers may be at risk of having their fields disked under, dealing with product rebranding costs, and other unforeseen expenses.

Easing The Pain

To help growers who may be involved in a produce recall due to accidental contamination, malicious contamination, or extortion, The Thomas Group Insurance LLC (TTGI), located in Safford, AZ, has developed a program backed by the Lloyd’s of London. This program is designed to protect a grower when produce is recalled.

Called The Food Borne Pathogen (Disease) Program, the plan is the first in the nation to offer this type of coverage, according to TTGI. The program is designed to protect growers from various expenses including third-party recall expenses, malicious acts, loss of gross profits, and the increased costs of doing business. 

 “The Food Borne Pathogen (Disease) Program is how the Thomas Group responded to the needs of their clients and industry,” says Tom Elms, president and CEO of The Thomas Group.

“The development of new programs and cost containment practices through healthcare benefits, commercial insurance, and business succession plans are only a few of the tools we at The Thomas Group implement,” adds Brandon A. Tarnutzer, vice president of commercial lines. 

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