Product Updates From Nichino America

Product Updates From Nichino America

Nichino America introduces Vetica, an insecticide, and its Courier 40SC insect growth regulator now has additional crops on its label.


Vetica insecticide from Nichino America combines two insecticides, flubendiamide and buprofezin. Flubendiamide is a new insecticide very specific to lepidopteran insects and the first to be discovered in the new chemical class, the Phthalic Acid Diamides. Buprofezin is an insect growth regulator classified as a chitin synthesis inhibitor, with excellent activity on homopteran insects. The combination of these two chemistries is said to provide excellent efficacy on lepidopteran and homopteran insects pests while posing minimal risks to beneficial insects in vegetable crops.

Courier 40SC (buprofezin) an insect growth regulator for control of whiteflies, has expanded uses in vegetable and fruit crops. This insect growth regulator can now be applied to all fruiting and leafy vegetables (except brassica), and has a reduced postharvest interval of one day in fruiting vegetables, where the product also controls mealybugs and leafhoppers.

Also labeled on cucurbits and snap beans, Courier is a good rotational product, due to its unique chemical structure and mode of action (IRAC 16). It inhibits chitin biosynthesis, which interrupts the molting process of the nymphal stages, suppresses oviposition of adults, and reduces viability of eggs. In addition, the product can be used on strawberries for whitefly control.