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This Italian heirloom beet variety, Chioggia, matures in 60 days. Alternating red and white concentric rings make it a real specialty item, with mild flavored greens that can be used raw or cooked.


Finger Fruit Purple

Finger Fruit Purple is a miniature, dark purple eggplant fruit with a green calyx. It is prized for its tender, non bitter flesh. These baby fruits are 5 to 6 inches long and cylindrical and are best when harvested young. Thirty-inch plants set large crops of lovely fruit.


Gardeners Choice

This delicious pink tomato with green shoulders sets on an indeterminate potato leaf vine. Maturing in 76 days, this sweet, succulent, deep oblate globe-shaped tomato offers outstanding flavor in its 10 to 12 ounce fruit. With multiple disease resistance, Gardeners Choice F1 is perfect for home and market gardeners looking for a flavorful addition to their garden.


Heirloom Blend

Heirloom Blend is an open heirloom pollinated blend full of wonderful flavored tomatoes. We have chosen these varieties from many taste tests. Our customers from all over the world have passed on their best of the best. So we have created this blend for home gardeners, market farmers, and chefs.


Hot Basket

Grown on compact, prolific upright plants with an abundance of 1-inch slightly flattened cherry shaped fruits, Hot Basket produces deep green to dark red, pungent fruit used mostly for pickling. This variety matures in 60 days.


Mini Belle Blend

Producing miniature red, yellow, and brown bell peppers, Mini Belle Blend sets many tiny fruit on 24-inch plants. These peppers, which are 1 inch in size, boast sweet, firm, and thick flesh.


Mini Greens

A colorful mixture of red and green lettuce varieties created these lovely mini greens. They are not considered a sprout and not baby leaf — but somewhere in between.


Pink Brandymaster

Pink Brandymaster matures in 80 days. This tomato is a hybrid of the standard in heirloom tomatoes, prized for its incredible flavor, medium to large size, 10-ounce pink fruits, and indeterminate plant with potato leaves. Originally an Amish heirloom, Pink Brandymaster matures late in northern areas.


Red Streaked

Red Streaked is the red sister to lime streaked mizuna. This very frilled mustard is just beautiful. It boasts a dark-red color at a very small stage. Add this for a burst of color to any salad blend. Mizuna Red Streaked is well suited for texture in a specialty braising mixture.