Specter Says No To Card Check

Specter Says No To Card Check

Senator Arlen Specter’s (R-PA) said that he would oppose the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and any attempt to pass a cloture motion on it is taken as good news among produce industry associations.


“We greatly respect the serious consideration that Sen. Specter gave this issue,” said United Fresh President and CEO Tom Stenzel.  “He clearly recognized the flaws in the bill and the fact this legislation just goes too far for average Americans in taking away workers’ right to a secret ballot.”

Specter was the lone Republican senator to support moving forward with the EFCA in the last session of Congress.  His position on the current bill (S. 560) is seen as pivotal as proponents attempt to gain the necessary 60 votes for cloture and move the bill toward final passage.

“We also want to thank the members of our Pennsylvania grassroots network who have shared their opinions with Sen. Specter.  Clearly the senator is listening to all of his constituents’ voices in the state and it is critical that he has heard from the produce supply chain about this bill.  I’d ask every one of our members in Pennsylvania to send a note today to Sen. Specter thanking him for his serious consideration,” Stenzel said.